15 Tips for family traveling with kids

May 16, 2022


Traveling with babies is a great and bonding experience for the entire family. However, it comes with its pitfalls. Babies, especially newborns and toddlers, have their own sleeping schedules that traveling can interfere with.

Together with Kate, our team member and mom of four, we put together 15 tips on family travel and tips for traveling with kids that our Bibino team members, who happened to be parents, tried and tested throughout the years.

  1. Slow down and don't try to replicate the way you used to travel before having a baby. Traveling with kids is a great experience, but it comes with its specifics.

  2. One thing we can highly recommend is to take the family travel time to become a kid again — explore, investigate, have fun, discover interesting places, and ask questions.

  3. Pack smart and light. Make sure to put everything that you need to have on hand on the top of your luggage.

  4. Bring a few comforts from home and create a known environment for your children - a blanket, stuffed toy, a picture book, or simply anything that your baby knows and loves.

  5. When traveling with a baby, create a safe and well-known "sleeping space" for your baby. Whenever possible, we rented a baby crib or brought our own baby mattress.

  6. Don't forget the favourite comfort item of your baby – the baby sleeping bag, a toy, pacifier, etc.

  7. One of our go-to tips when traveling with kids is using white noise. It can eliminate the noises in the hotel or rented place. If you're looking for a reliable travel baby monitor that also has a wide range of sleeping sounds and noises, try Bibino. Bibino Baby Monitor

  1. A very important step to minimize the risk of interfering with your baby's sleeping schedule during family travel is to stick to your nap times and pre-sleep routines as much as you can.

  2. From our personal experience, we can recommend starting your trip when your baby would normally be sleeping. Not only does this make the family travel a little easier, but it also will make the ride or flight pass a bit faster for the baby.

  3. Prepare to make a few sleep-related exceptions that you wouldn't normally do at home. It's part of a parent's creativity when traveling.

  4. Don't be afraid of using technology during family travel – Bibino, a travel baby monitor, will help you watch over your sleeping baby.

  5. No matter what your family travel plans are, whether you're heading on holiday or on a one-day trip, a portable mealtime seat can help simplify feeding on the go.

  6. Another tip that's been well tested by our kids is to take your own food with you. You might not be able to buy snacks, so long rides and flights may leave your kids cranky.

  7. A funny but bonding thing to do during family travel is learning a new skill together. Share the joy of learning together and create new memories.

  8. Depending on the age of your child, you may consider giving your kid a journal or a digital camera and letting the kid capture your travel memories.

Do you have any other tips? What does help your family enjoy your vacation? Share your tips with us in our Facebook community.

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