Where to safely place the baby monitor


Choosing the right spot for your baby monitor is crucial for optimal monitoring. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure both safety and the best view.

Where to place baby monitor

For the best performance and safety, you should pay attention to the location where your Bibino baby monitor will be placed.

Make sure the Baby Station:

  • Has a clear view of your baby's crib or bed: The camera should be positioned so that you can see your baby's entire body, including their face.

  • Is out of reach of your baby: You don't want your baby to be able to pull on the camera or cord.

  • Captures the sound of your baby: Make sure that baby's sounds are not drowned out by outside noise, such as traffic, people on the street, etc.

  • Is away from direct sunlight and heat sources: This will help to prevent the camera from overheating.

  • Has a central location: This will give you the widest possible view of your baby's room.

  • Is near an electrical outlet: You want to choose a place that is close enough to the outlet so that the cord can reach, but not so close that the baby can pull on the cord. Tip: You can use tape or wall ties to attach the cord to the wall or furniture.

Tip: If you want to monitor playtime, consider having a secondary setup in the living room/playroom.

Where not to place your baby monitor

You should avoid placing your Bibino baby monitor in the following locations:

  • On the crib or bed: This is a safety hazard, as your baby could pull on the camera or cord.

  • Near a window: Direct sunlight and heat could damage the camera.

  • Near a fan or other heat source: This could also damage the camera.

  • On the floor: This could damage the camera and make it difficult to see your baby.

How to place your Baby Station

On a shelf

An elevated shelf can offer a clear view of the entire crib. Just ensure there are no obstructions in the way and that the phone is stable. Using a non-slip mat can prevent any accidental slips.

On a moveable stand

A moveable stand, like a tripod with an adjustable phone holder, provides flexibility. You can change its position based on where the baby moves, especially helpful for toddlers on the move. Opt for stands with grippy feet for stability. Adjust the height and angle to keep an eye-level perspective of your baby.


Clip phone holder

These handy holders can clip onto various surfaces, from tables, dresser, or cabinet to crib edges (ensure it's out of the baby's reach). They offer easy angle adjustments.

Have non of these at home? Try our DIY hacks:

Phone in a cup

Placing your phone in a cup (screen facing outward) can give you a stable base to angle your phone. Use a cup that's sturdy. Soft rubber or silicone cups are less likely to tip over. Adjust the angle by positioning the phone more towards the base or edge of the cup, depending on your desired view.

Paper stand

With just a sheet of paper, you can make a handy stand for your phone. It's a quick and eco-friendly solution. Check our step-by-step video tutorial to create one easily.

Tip: If you want a broader view of what's happening in the entire room, consider attaching a wide-angle lens to your phone. This accessory can easily clip onto most smartphones and will significantly expand the camera's field of view.

Tricks and ideas for the best placement of your Baby Station

  • If you have a crib with a canopy, you can hang the camera from the canopy. This will give you a clear view of your baby and keep the camera out of reach.

  • If you have a crib or bed in a corner of the room, you can place the camera in the other corner. This will give you a wide view of the crib or bed.

  • Adjust the distance of the baby monitor to the baby's age. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, the area you'll want to monitor will increase.

  • As your baby matures, ensure the baby station is positioned farther from the crib to prevent them from reaching the device.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the optimal distance to place the Baby Station from the crib?

The ideal distance ensures a clear view of your baby's entire body, including their face, while ensuring the device is out of your baby's reach.

2. Is it okay to keep a phone near my baby for a long time?

Modern phones are designed to be safe for regular usage. However, it's always a good practice to keep electronic devices at a safe distance from infants. By positioning the Baby Station out of the baby's reach, you ensure safety and reduce any potential impact of electronic devices.

3. Will I know if the Baby Station's battery is running low?

Yes, the Parent Station provides real-time battery level updates of the Baby Station. This ensures you're always informed and can charge the device when necessary.

4. How can I achieve a wider camera view of the room?

For a broader view, consider attaching a wide-angle lens to your phone. This clips onto most smartphones and will significantly expand the camera's field of view.

5. Are there areas in the room where I shouldn't place my monitoring device?

Avoid placing your device on the crib or bed, near windows where direct sunlight can cause overheating, close to fans or other heat sources, and on the floor where it might get damaged or offer a limited view.

6. Can Bibino monitor my baby clearly in low light or darkness?

Yes! Bibino is equipped with a low-light mode, ensuring that parents can see their baby even in low light conditions. If additional light is needed without disturbing the baby, you can activate the Night light feature on the Baby Station. This displays gentle and cute pictures to softly illuminate the room, providing a clear view for monitoring while keeping the baby undisturbed.

Remember, the safety and convenience of placing the Baby Station is paramount. Always ensure that it's placed in a way that offers the best view while ensuring your baby's safety.

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