How to use Bibino baby monitor on family vacation

July 15, 2021


Are you wondering how to use Bibino Baby Monitor on a family vacation abroad? Let's take a look.

Bibino works anywhere, where is an internet connection. Thanks to the internet connection, the baby monitor is unlimited in reach and works anywhere in the world. Bibino Baby Monitor helps you to watch over your baby, hear every sound and even soothe your baby remotely. All you need are two devices – mobiles, tablets, or computers. Bibino then turns them into a reliable baby monitor in just a few seconds.

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How to use Bibino when travelling abroad

Use WiFi in the hotel or place where you stay

Using the hotel’s WiFi is the easiest way how to monitor your baby and enjoy the time with family or friends. The application enables you to check your child and you don't need to worry about the app range.

Sometimes WiFi networks in hotels are protected by firewalls that may prevent Bibino from making a connection. In such a case, we recommend using another way of connecting both devices (see below).

Buy a local sim card with mobile data

Buying a local sim card with mobile data is an inexpensive and reliable way to check on your sleeping baby. Most local operators offer budget-friendly plans, including mobile data for reasonable prices.

Data usage is one of our priorities and we are trying to hold it as low as possible. While audio monitoring it is approximately 15MB/hour and while video monitoring it is around 1.5MB/minute (depending on the device's camera, etc.)

Use internet roaming

The cost depends on the pricing of your mobile operator. Before leaving for the holiday, we recommend checking what services your operator provides in a particular country. If you have an EU sim card and are traveling in another EU country, the data roaming should be free (but ask your provider to be 100% sure).

How to save mobile data?

When using mobile data (local sim card or roaming), don’t forget to check what other apps are using mobile data.

How to save mobile data on iOS

Go to the iOS Settings and tap on the “Mobile data”. If you scroll down, you will see a list of apps that are allowed to use mobile data. To save data during your travels, turn off all unnecessary applications except for Bibino.

How to save mobile data on Android

To save mobile data on Android, go to Settings - App data usage and scroll down. You will see a list of apps that are allowed to use mobile data and how much data they use. Tapping on any app on the list will open a menu for disabling background data on mobile networks. Don’t forget to check that Bibino is allowed to use cellular data.

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