Essential products when travelling with baby

July 18, 2022


If you feel clueless about what to pack when traveling with a baby, you are not alone. Each baby is unique and has different needs, but as parents, we all want to make sure we have everything we and our babies may need.

In this article, we want to share some of the products that we at the Bibino team like to use when traveling with babies. These products make our family travel, trips and holidays easier, so we can enjoy every minute of being together without unnecessary stress.

1. Travel Buggy

A foldable umbrella stroller is a must when traveling with an infant. We use it especially when we want to go sightseeing or have lunch and one of our daughters is very tired. Thanks to the stroller, she can nap and we can enjoy our trips. We like Cruise Buggy from Mamas & Papas or UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Stroller.

2. Baby Carrier

baby carrier 1.jpg

When traveling with an infant or a toddler, using a good, ergonomically designed baby carrier is a necessity for almost every parent. Not only does it help you to transfer you and your child from point A to point B very quickly but also makes sightseeing and exploring the changing terrain a more pleasant experience. Moreover, having a child close to you gives the baby the feeling of a known environment, which is very important when traveling. From our experience, we can highly recommend the baby carrier Manduca – it can be used for carrying babies from newborn up to the age of 4.

3. Portable Highchair

Whether you are heading on holiday or on a one-day trip, a portable mealtime seat can help simplify feeding on the go during your family travel. We use it mostly in restaurants, hotels, when camping, or when staying in our friend’s house. We like Inglesina Fast Table Chair. You can also sew the called “Anywhere Chair” which turns a regular chair into a high chair. You can then roll it and put it in your diaper bag. We found this wonderful tutorial at Made By Marzipan.

4. Beach Tent

For families who love spending their family travel in nature or at the beach, the beach tent is a must-have. It provides a shade for you and your children. Our daughters love to play in it – it is a kind of their favorite hiding place. We use Auto Pop Up Beach Tent, so creating enough shadow is super quick and easy whenever you are traveling with a baby. Here are some very well-reviewed tents:

Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent

Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade Tent

KidCo Peapod

5. Baby Monitor

We can't imagine a single vacation without a reliable baby monitor. Bibino app that turns any two devices (phones, tablets, laptops) into a single baby monitor. We don’t have to pack any additional hardware, as we have a reliable baby monitor on our phones at all times. Thanks to the app, we can hear, soothe, and see our daughters via live video and audio stream. We are not limited by distance and we never have to deal with interference issues like our friends do. The app requires an internet connection (WiFi or mobile data) and it is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

What are your favorite go-to products when traveling with your babies? Let us know in our Facebook community.

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