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Video & smart vision Hear & soothe your baby

Baby monitoring made easy

Bibino helps parents like you to keep an eye on their precious baby. Watch, hear, and soothe your baby with Bibino app.

Monitoring day and night

Watch over your baby with constant audio and video transmission. Bibino automatically enhances the visibility when it’s too low, and provides you with a flashlight for additional enhancement.

Travel-friendly baby monitor

Bibino is a must-have for any parent when traveling with the baby. With no need to carry hardware baby monitors, Bibino makes traveling so much easier. With WiFi and mobile data, Bibino provides you with unlimited range and works where other baby monitors fail.

No hardware cameras needed

Breathe a new life into a spare phone, tablet, or computer you have at home. With Bibino, there's no need for purchasing hardware cameras or baby monitors, as you already have everything you need to monitor your baby.

Watch over your baby from your computer as well.

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Baby monitor always at hand

Bibino got your back in unexpected situations. Whether your baby just fell asleep when visiting your friends or whether your original baby monitor failed, Bibino is always one tap away.

What makes Bibino different

Bibino provides parents with different features to make sure their baby is safe and sound in every situation.

Watch over your little oneWatch live HD video

Watch your baby in real-time with a live video feed. With automatically enhanced visibility, you’ll see your baby even at night.

Hear & soothe your babyHear & soothe your baby

Hear your baby and every sound from the nursery. Soothe your little one remotely through a two-way video and microphone with the help of Bibino app.

Keep precious momentsMonitoring history

Bibino keeps a log of all past monitorings. You can easily go through history, replay captured sounds, and understand your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Connect multiple parent devicesConnect multiple parent devices

With one Bibino account, you can connect multiple devices across all platforms. This way, both parents can join the monitoring and watch over their little one.

Play lullaby for your babyLullabies and soothing sounds

Soothe your baby back to sleep with a wide range of lullabies and sleeping sounds. You can also record your own lullaby and play it to the baby.

Secure & reliableSecure & reliable

Security and reliability of our app is our highest priority. With Bibino account, you have full control over all devices, and you can manage them easily.

Stay notified about your babySmart alerts about the baby

Bibino sends you notifications whenever your baby wakes up or fall asleep. The app alerts you in case of any connection problems.

Monitor with unlimited reachUnlimited range

With WiFi and mobile data, you can check on your baby without worrying about the distance between both devices.

Use any platformMultiplatform

Bibino is a multiplatform app available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. The app works across all platforms in any combination.

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Jessica A., App Store

Replaced our old baby monitor

“Our hardware baby monitor failed us when we were on vacation, so we downloaded Bibino as a backup solution, and we've been using Bibino ever since! I can switch between audio and video as I need, depending on whether I'm on WiFi or mobile data. The app notifies me about the baby, and I love that my partner can connect as well.“

Jessica A., App Store

Stephan Z., Google Play

Saved us when traveling

“We were recommended Bibino by a friend, and we instantly fell in love with the app. It’s simple to use, and it saved us many times! We use Bibino when we’re traveling with our baby, so we don’t have to remember to bring the old baby monitor with us.“

Stephan Z., Google Play

Francesca L., App Store

The only reliable app

“I’ve tried about five different apps, and this is the only baby monitor that never failed and actually worked! Plus, it’s way cheaper than a regular baby monitor. I also love the option that I can talk to my baby when it starts to wake up.“

Francesca L., App Store

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