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November 11, 2023

profile imageKatka

How to help your baby fall asleep

Every baby is unique. Some sleep better in complete silence around them, while others fall asleep better with a colour noise or a lullaby playing in the room. Bibino provides you with the options to choose whatever works for your baby in any situation. Play Lullabies and soothing sounds You can control the lullaby from both the Parent Station and t...

November 09, 2023

profile imageKatka

Watch over all your kids at once

If you're a parent of multiple children, you've probably experienced a situation where you needed to keep an eye on all sleeping children at the same time. With Bibino you can monitor up to 4 children at the same time from one Parent Station. Multi-baby monitoring Pair your Parent Station with all devices you plan to use as a Baby Stations. Continu...

November 08, 2023

profile imageKatka

Make sure your babysitting is going well

Monitor your baby from multiple devices with Bibino, and check on your baby remotely to ensure proper and respectful care. Multi-parent monitoring Unlike most hardware baby monitors, Bibino gives the parents an option to use multiple devices as the Parent Stations for effective baby monitoring. This gives your family enough freedom to watch over yo...

November 05, 2023

profile imageKatka

Work at home with no limitations

Have you ever wanted to work on your computer or phone and monitor your baby at the same time? With Bibino, even the impossible becomes possible. Multitask on your computer Use Mini-window function and be efficient while using Bibino! On Parent Station click on Menu → Mini window and the Bibino window will change to a compact one, so you can wor...

November 01, 2023

profile imageKatka

WiFi vs. non-WiFi baby monitors: Which is better?

As a parent, each heartbeat of your little one resounds with promise and promise of all that lies ahead. Selecting the right tools to ensure their safety is no small feat, and every choice feels immensely important. Amid the myriad decisions you face, one that often stirs contemplation is the choice between WiFi and non-WiFi baby monitors. Imagine ...