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July 13, 2023

profile imageKatka

50 unique boy names starting with "C" (+ origin & meaning)

The search for the ideal name for one's child can be likened to an exciting adventure, and every parent knows the significance of this gift. To aid you in this exciting endeavor, we've produced a list of 50 unusual boy names that start with the charming letter "C"; give your adorable son a dose of individuality right from the get-go by giving him a...

June 29, 2023

profile imageKatka

50 unique girl names starting with "K" (+ origin & meaning)

Understanding the enduring allure of a name is a journey every parent embarks upon, as they seek that flawless moniker for their newborn queen. To assist you in this delightful voyage, we have curated a collection of 50 exceptional girl names, all beginning with the captivating letter "K". Each beguiling name on this collection harbors a storied pa...

June 22, 2023

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Toddlers' sleep: A complete guide from 12 months further

Being a parent is an exciting adventure, full of joy and new discoveries. But along with the fun, there are often a lot of questions that need answers. One of the most common ones is, "How much sleep does my toddler need, especially after they hit the 12-month mark?" If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. Sleep is incredibly important ...

June 21, 2023

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The perfect bedtime routine for kids based on age

Undoubtedly, a healthy sleep routine is essential for a child's well-being, contributing significantly to their physical and cognitive development. Bedtime rituals for kids, depending on their age, not only form the cornerstone for good sleep hygiene but also provide a sense of security and stability. As children progress through various stages, th...

June 19, 2023

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50 unique boy names starting with "B" (+ origin & meaning)

Every parent understands the profound importance of a name, and discovering the ideal one for their cherished little boy can sometimes feel like a thrilling expedition. To guide you in this fascinating quest, we've assembled a list of 50 unique boy names starting with the intriguing letter "B"—granting your adorable son a dash of uniqueness right f...