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October 14, 2020

profile imageKatka

Newborn to 12 months: The complete sleep guide

Since becoming a parent, you've probably been asking yourself all the questions in the world about parenting - how much should my baby sleep? When will my baby grow the teeth? Should my baby sleep on the back? Sleep is one of the most important things during the baby's first few years of life. Hence it's not surprising that babies spend most of the...

September 12, 2019

Turn two devices into a single baby monitor with Baby Monitor 3G

Parenthood is a beautiful yet sometimes challenging journey. Here at TappyTaps, we try to make the journey a little easier and less stressful by creating helpful apps for parents and their babies. While our Storky app helps soon-to-be parents with measuring the labour contractions, Baby Monitor 3G helps parents with monitoring their little ones dur...