Turn two devices into a single baby monitor with Baby Monitor 3G

September 12, 2019


Parenthood is a beautiful yet sometimes challenging journey. Here at TappyTaps, we try to make the journey a little easier and less stressful by creating helpful apps for parents and their babies.

While our Storky app helps soon-to-be parents with measuring the labour contractions, Baby Monitor 3G helps parents with monitoring their little ones during their first few years.

Baby Monitor 3G is trusted by over 2 million parents all over the world. Let’s take a look at how the app can be helpful for you and your family.

How Baby Monitor 3G works


All you need are two devices – phones, tablets, computers (iOS, Android, or macOS) in any combination, connected to the internet (WiFi, cellular data).

You’ll place one device (for example, a tablet) in the baby’s room to monitor your little one. The second device (for example, a phone) will work as your Parent Station.

From the Parent Station, you’ll be able to hear your baby and watch a live video of the baby’s room. The app will also alert you about your baby, so you’ll always know if your baby is sleeping or is waking up.

With a special talk-to-baby feature, you can soothe your baby remotely with your voice or play your baby a relaxing lullaby. You can use multiple devices to watch your baby, so both parents can connect with their devices and monitor the baby.

When the visibility in the room is too dark, you can brighten the room a little bit with a smart Night Light feature. Baby Monitor 3G is perfect for everyday monitoring at both day and night. It also comes in handy when traveling with the baby. little-baby.jpg

What other parents say about Baby Monitor 3G

Great App

I have used this app for years through multiple children and have always felt it was a reliable way to monitor my babies. Thank you for creating a cheaper option than cameras that utilizes the devices I already have at home! That means I have less stuff in my house.

Parent’s review in App Store


Great for baby monitoring wherever you are: at home on vacation or with friends. Baby Monitor 3G is just the best and most reliable. 0 bugs and super quality. It’s worth the payment. Well done

Parent’s review in Google Play

Still Amazing

We found Baby Monitor 3G years ago. There was nothing like it at the time. Now the App Store is full of apps that use a second or old phone as the baby station. This one is still the best. Maybe because the developers have been so responsive over the years, keep thinking, seem obsessed with quality and minimizing downtime. I’m still grateful for this app and the people who keep making it better, wherever they are.

Parent’s review in App Store

Try it yourself and download Baby Monitor 3G now!

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