Bibino Baby Monitor is now FREE!

March 24, 2021


Bibino Baby Monitor on iPad

Great news, Bibino is now available for free to all parents worldwide. How can you start using the accessible version of Bibino, and why we've changed our business model? We'll share this and more, so keep reading.

Why is Bibino free now?

We believe that every parent deserves a baby monitor that's reliable and accessible. Therefore we've decided to make Bibino free. You can now use Bibino for free with no time-limits on the monitoring across all platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop). Some features in the free version are limited.

Reliable baby monitors that are perfect for every-day use (both during the day and at night) as well as for traveling are hard to find. Luckily, with Bibino, you have a baby monitor that's easy to set up and always ready to use.

What makes Bibino so great?

  • no need to buy any hardware cameras; all you need are any two phones, tablets, or computers
  • you can upcycle an older phone or tablet lying at your home and give it a new meaning (see supported operating systems)
  • Bibino works anywhere in the world, and it's ready to use anytime you need it
  • Bibino is available on five major platforms - iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Bibino is available worldwide and localized to 15 languages (and we're adding more)
  • Bibino can be used for free, but if you go for Bibino Premium, it costs a fraction compared to hardware baby monitors

Bibino is a must-have for any parent. With Bibino, you can monitor your baby in a simple yet reliable way. Bibino turns any two phones, tablets, or computers into a smart baby monitor that works anywhere you are.

Watch over your baby and hear every sound. Know if your baby's sleeping or if your little one starts to wake up. You can replay sound from previous monitorings, take a photo of your baby, and even record short videos.

Why upgrade to Bibino Premium?

The free version of the Bibino provides you with reliable baby monitoring. With no time-limits (in the previous version, it was limited to a 10-hour monitoring trial), you can watch over your baby for as long as you need, for free. The free version is, however, limited in features and contains ads.

If you'd like to access premium features, such as unlimited video monitoring, photo & video recording, replayable audio history, or an option to add multiple devices, you may consider upgrading to Bibino Premium. We now also offer a 3-DAY FREE TRIAL to all new subscribers.

How to start using Bibino for free?

If you already have Bibino installed on your devices, make sure to update the app to the latest version. If you don't have Bibino installed yet on your devices, you can download Bibino for free from the App Store, Google Play, and our website (desktop versions).

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