Make sure your babysitting is going well


Monitor your baby from multiple devices with Bibino, and check on your baby remotely to ensure proper and respectful care.

Multi-parent monitoring

Unlike most hardware baby monitors, Bibino gives the parents an option to use multiple devices as the Parent Stations for effective baby monitoring. This gives your family enough freedom to watch over your baby from multiple devices according to your family schedule.

With your Bibino account, all your previous monitorings, recorded videos and photos, baby profiles, or custom lullabies are synchronized on all paired devices.

Simply pair your nanny's or grandpa's device with your Bibino account. You can easily manage all paired devices in Settings and delete those you no longer want to use to keep your family protected.

Check on your child remotely

Check if your nanny or grandpa is following a routine that suits your child and ensures proper and respectful care.

  • Connect remotely from your device to Baby Station to see if your baby is in bed, when they were last awake or crying.
  • Set up more Baby Stations around the house so you can quickly check how the nanny is taking care of the baby. babyroutinenanny.jpg

You can also use Bibino to share custom routines with your caregivers. This makes it easy to ensure that your baby is following the same routine, no matter who is caring for them. Activity log can be shared or even exported to CSV. Read more in our article How to work with the Activity log.

Save money with Bibino Premium

Unlike hardware baby monitors, with Bibino you don't need to buy additional hardware to monitor your baby at home, with grandparents or on the go. Upgrade to a Premium account and share it across the whole family. Grandpa, grandma, nanny, mom and dad will all be able to monitor the child from their phone or computer they are used to.


Pair unlimited devices and monitor from up to 4 Parent Stations and 4 Baby Stations at the same time.

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