Daylight saving time and your baby’s sleeping schedule

March 25, 2022


Even little things can disrupt the sleep patterns of children and babies. In a few days, it's the shift to daylight saving time, which can shake up our little ones' routines quite a bit. Fortunately, with a little preparation. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, we can easily overcome the time shift issue and avoid the issue with interfering the baby's sleep (thus hours).

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How to transition the baby’s sleeping schedule

1. Gradually shift your baby’s bedtime

A few days before the time change, put the baby to sleep 15 minutes earlier or later (depending on the time change). For an adult, it is not a problem to sleep an hour less/longer, but for a baby, it is a significant change. Therefore, it is better to take smaller steps.

2. Stick to your baby’s nighttime routine

If your baby has a set evening routine, stick to it. Definitely don't skip any of the usual activities - reading stories, brushing teeth, playing lullabies, etc. Just shift these activities by a few minutes to correspond with the baby's new bedtime. That way the baby won't miss out on the rituals that signal to the brain and body that it's time to go to sleep.

3. Make the room dark

Some children are bothered by the light when they fall asleep. Help them by darkening the room. Make his/her room a little darker for an hour or two before bedtime. This helps reset and adjust the internal clock and gets it back on track, so your baby should sleep more soundly after an active day.

4. Safeguard naps

If your baby feels tired, just put him to sleep. Sometimes we tend to push back, shorten or lengthen nap time to "cram" your child's sleep into our schedule. Let's not do that. Let's follow the needs of the child. If we make only small shifts, gradually the child's sleep schedule will level out.

Get help with Bibino app

Don't worry, we're all only human and even the best parent forgets things sometimes. If you've forgotten to prepare your child for the time change, don't despair, we've got some tips to help you get them up to as quickly as possible. Using a few tips and tricks from the baby monitor Bibino might help your baby to fall asleep better.

Every baby is unique. Some sleep better in complete silence around them, while others fall asleep better with a color noise or a lullaby playing in the room. Select from over 20 lullabies and sounds - from color noises and household noises to sounds of nature. If you don't find what you need, you can record your own lullaby.

With Bibino you can make the baby's sleeping environment cozier. The Night Light feature projects a beautiful picture of an animal or a night sky (created by our talented graphic designers) on the baby's device. With the adjustable intensity, you can set a brightness that will suit your needs.

Hopefully, our tips will help to avoid the baby’s sleep difficulties caused by the time change. We wish you beautiful upcoming spring days full of sunshine, fun, and good sleep.