How Much Should Babies Sleep: 6 Interesting facts + Infographics

October 06, 2022

Baby sleeping 2.jpg

Becoming a parent for the first time is a wonderful experience. However, this new role also comes with many questions: How much do babies sleep? How often do I feed them? How do I get them to sleep?

Each baby is different and the same applies to the baby's sleep. It's very important to know the basic facts thou. It can help you to improve your child’s sleeping habits and it also makes your life a little easier.

#1 Babies need sleep for brain development

Scientists have discovered that learning and brain growth occur during REM periods when information from waking hours is combined to form memories. The infant's brain expands by 1% per day throughout the first three months of life, which may help to explain why they spend so much time in REM sleep.

#2 Newborns confuse day and night

Your kid will learn the difference between day and night by getting enough daylight and avoiding bright lights at night. Later on, it will help in controlling the melatonin synthesis that our bodies naturally release to initiate sleep.

#3 To sleep well, a baby must be well rested

A baby who is well-rested will fall asleep more quickly and sleep better at night than a tired baby. Therefore, it is useless to try to deprive your baby of sleep during the day in order to get him to sleep better at night.

#4 Light sleeping is good

Babies' lighter sleep is as important as annoying. It allows them to be awakened by hunger, pain, breathing difficulties, dirty diapers, and other situations they need assistance with.

#5 Babies sleep a lot, parents don’t

Parents can lose up to 2 months of sleep during the first year.

#6 Sleep evolves in time

Setting a regular baby sleep schedule takes time, but it is certainly worth the effort. The best way to help your baby to sleep soundly is to give it time. All babies eventually develop self-soothing skills and start sleeping for longer periods and more peacefully. Remember that next time you will try to put your baby to sleep again at 2 am and instead of being desperate, just enjoy the extra cuddles that come with this season.

For a typical baby sleep schedule from newborn to 1-year-old, check out this infographic: Baby sleep schedule