5 Ways How to Get Baby to Sleep When Travelling

August 08, 2022

Sleeping baby.jpg

Traveling with a baby and the entire family is about time spent together, creating memories, and visiting new places. If you love traveling, becoming a parent doesn't mean you need to give up on exploring the world. Family travel can be a lot of fun.

Naturally, our biggest concern as parents is whether traveling will disrupt the baby's sleep schedule. For infants and younger children, traveling long distances and unfamiliar environments can cause difficulties when falling asleep and staying asleep. Therefore we prepared five tips for parents on how to get their baby to sleep when traveling.

1. Create a known and safe environment for the baby

Whether you're staying in a hotel, camp, or at a friend's house, always make sure your baby has his/her own sleeping environment. If your family travel allows you to, make sure to bring your crib or rent one for your stay. Pack your baby's pillow, blanket, stuffed animal, or simply anything that your baby is used to when sleeping at home. Thanks to all these things, your baby will more likely feel safe and comfortable in the new environment, and it will be easier to get your baby to sleep.

2. Keep the same routines during travel as at home

Travelling is, undoubtedly, a big change in the life of your baby or a toddler. Try to keep as many rituals as possible, to help your baby sleep and adapt to the change. It will provide your child with feelings of comfort and security.

Our team member Kate says: "When traveling with baby, we always keep our pre-bedtime routine the same as we would at home. Our daughter is used to eating dinner, taking a bath, putting on PJs, hugging and kissing both parents, and then going to bed with mom or dad."

Thanks to the ritual, your baby will know when it's time to sleep, even when traveling. If you can, try to keep the time of your baby's bedtime around the same time.

3. Be ready to make some adjustments

Although we believe it's important for the baby to keep as many routines as possible, making some changes when traveling with your baby is inevitable. Maybe your child doesn't like traveling by car, so it's a good idea to plan longer drives according to your baby's nap time. Sometimes, your baby's nap may be shorter, depending on your baby's needs and your plans. Remember that some sleep is better than no sleep. Skipping the naps can make your baby moody, and tired and disrupt the enjoyable family travel time. When on a walking trip, always take a stroller with you if you can, so your baby can take a nap when needed while you're exploring new places. Baby in a stroller.jpg

4. Let the technology help you to get your baby to sleep

When traveling, baby monitors can be a great helper to get your baby to sleep. Bibino, a popular baby monitoring app, helps parents all over the world with monitoring their babies. Bibino is perfect for traveling with a baby as you can turn any two devices that you have with you (phones, tablets, laptops) into a reliable baby monitor. With WiFi or mobile data, you can watch over your baby and even soothe your little one remotely when your baby is taking a nap in the next room.

5. Lullabies and soothing sounds

Although you may not regularly play your baby lullabies at home, they can become very helpful during family travel. Soothing sounds, such as white noise, can eliminate noises in the hotel and help your baby fall asleep.

Bibino baby monitor provides the parents with over 20 different lullabies and soothing sounds to help to get their babies to fall asleep. You can set a timer determining how long the lullaby or sound should be played. You can also record your own lullaby.

Download the Bibino app for free on iOS, Android, and desktop, and make your traveling with the baby more comfortable.