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Have you ever wanted to work on your computer or phone and monitor your baby at the same time? With Bibino, even the impossible becomes possible.

Multitask on your computer

Use Mini-window function and be efficient while using Bibino!

On Parent Station click on Menu → Mini window and the Bibino window will change to a compact one, so you can work and watch your baby at the same time.

It is possible to move the Mini-window across the screen as you want, make it even smaller and what is the best - the window will always stay on the top above other apps. You can easily work on your documents, browse the internet, etc., and still have a glance, what is happening with your baby.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

Mini-window function is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Are you visiting and need to monitor your child on a borrowed laptop or computer? Bibino is also available on a web browser without downloading the app. Log in to your account and monitor your baby from anywhere.

Multitask on your phone

The phone is the most commonly used device. We do everything on it from making phone calls, writing emails and shopping to watching movies. We also need to put the phone down and lock the screen. With Bibino you can do all of that without missing a single movement or sound of the baby.

Picture-in-Picture mode

With PIP mode you can watch your baby while using other apps on your phone. When you slide Bibino to the background, monitoring will be displayed in a small window in the foreground.

PIP mode is set as default, so no additional work is needed. Try this awesome feature and enjoy multitasking on your phone!

Backgroung monitoring

When using Bibino in tha background (your device is locked or you're using some other app while monitoring your baby), Bibino provides you with three options on how to inform you about the baby.

Choose whether you want to:

  • play audio when noise is detected,
  • be alerted by vibrations if noise is detected,
  • use Picture-in-Picture mode (on Android).

On parent device tap on Menu → Settings → General/Advanced → Background mode


Recommendation: Keep the audio on. The audio will be constantly transmitted to your Parent Station device, so you'll hear your baby at all times. If necessary, you can mute the phone sounds.

However, if you need absolute silence and you don't enable the audio, you'll always be alerted by notifications. So you don't have to worry about your baby.

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