#50 unique girl names starting with "M" (+ origin & meaning)


As you embark on the exciting journey of finding the perfect name for your newborn princess, it's much like the anticipation of welcoming a new world of connection through a baby monitor app. To aid you in this heartfelt voyage, we've meticulously curated a compilation of 50 unique girl names, all commencing with the mesmerizing letter "M".

Each name in this enchanting collection is a narrative in itself, embodying rich history and deep symbolism that will undoubtedly ignite your curiosity and captivate your heart. Our list gracefully merges timeless classics with contemporary gems from diverse cultures across the globe, each radiating its own distinct charm. Let the melodic cadences and profound meanings of these names guide you towards the perfect epithet for your baby girl. And just as a great baby monitor app bridges the distance, let these names bring you closer to your heritage and hopes for your child.

Together, let's embark on this fascinating exploration, unveiling names that encapsulate grace, strength, and splendor, while nurturing the reassuring connection that a baby monitor app provides.

50 exceptional girl names starting with “M”

We've thoughtfully compiled this handy table for your convenience. Here, you can find all the feminine names starting with 'M' discussed in our post. Once a name catches your eye, a simple click will plunge you into the intricate stories and profound meanings encapsulated within each name!

Maayan Majida Marisol Megumi Mirella
Macey Majlinda Marit Meilin Mirembe
Madelief Makeda Marja Melike Mireya
Maelle Makena Marjani Melina Mitzi
Mahalia Makoto Marzena Mette Moana
Mahika Malaika Matilda Milana Mohana
Mahsa Malini Matryona Milda Mojca
Maisie Mareike Mayim Minka Mridula
Maite Mariam Medea Minori Muna
Maja Mariska Meera Mireille Mylene

1. Maayan

Originating from Hebrew, Maayan means "spring of water". It's a common name in Israel, often used to symbolize a fresh start or a source of life, given the essential role water plays in life. It is used for both boys and girls, though it's more common for girls. This name is often chosen by parents who want a name that reflects nature or spirituality.

2. Macey

Macey is an English name, originally a surname derived from Matthew or Matilda, and it means "weapon". The name started to be used as a first name in the 19th century. This gender-neutral name has gained popularity in recent years and has variations like Macy, Maci, or Macee. It offers a unique twist for parents looking for an English-origin name.

3. Madelief

Madelief is a beautiful and unique Dutch name that means "daisy". This name is derived from the Dutch words 'made', meaning 'maiden', and 'lief', meaning 'sweet'. It's a charming choice for parents who want a name that's delicate and different. The popularity of this name is mostly restricted to the Netherlands, making it a unique choice outside of the country.

4. Maelle

Maelle is a name of Breton (a Celtic language spoken in Brittany, France) origin, and it means "princess". It's a sweet name that has a feminine touch and carries with it an air of royalty. The name is rather uncommon outside of France, making it a distinctive choice for parents seeking a unique name with a royal connotation. Maelle is often chosen for its soft pronunciation and its ties to Breton and French culture.

5. Mahalia

This is a feminine name of Hebrew origin, and it means "tenderness". The name is quite rare and it is not frequently used in English-speaking countries. Mahalia is most recognized as the name of the famous American gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson, which has led to an association with music and spirituality. It's a graceful choice for parents seeking a distinctive, spiritual, and melodious name.

6. Mahika

Mahika is a girl's name of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and it translates to "dew drops". The name is linked to the morning freshness and purity, hence it's a very delicate and pleasant choice. It's not a very common name, even in India, which makes it quite unique. Parents who are looking for a name with a refreshing and delicate meaning might consider this name.

7. Mahsa

This name has Persian roots and it means "like the moon". The moon is a symbol of beauty, grace, and brightness in Persian literature and culture. This name is fairly common in Iran and among Persian-speaking communities. It's a good choice for parents seeking a name that embodies a sense of beauty and elegance.

8. Maisie

Maisie is a girl's name of Scottish origin, and it's a diminutive of the name Margaret, which means "pearl". This name has gained popularity in English-speaking countries, particularly the UK and US. It has a friendly, charming sound and a vintage feel to it. Parents looking for a traditional yet quirky name might be drawn to this choice.

9. Maite

Maite is a name of Basque origin, and it translates to "love". In the Basque Country, located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, it's a relatively common name. It's a simple yet powerful name that conveys a strong emotion. For parents who want their daughter's name to reflect love and affection, Maite would be an excellent choice.

10. Maja

Maja is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin, and it's a variation of the name Maya, which means "mother". However, in some Slavic languages, Maja can also mean "berry". It's simple, pretty, and popular in several European countries, including Sweden, Poland, and Croatia. It's an attractive choice for parents seeking a short, sweet, and multi-cultural name.

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11. Majida

Majida is a feminine name of Arabic origin that means "noble" or "glorious". It's a popular choice amongst Arabic-speaking populations, with a high presence in the Middle East and North Africa. This name carries a powerful connotation and is often chosen for its link to nobility and honor. Majida might appeal to parents looking for a strong, dignified name with Arabic roots.

12. Majlinda

Majlinda is an Albanian name that means "born in May". It's a compound of two words, 'maj' for 'May' and 'lind' for 'born'. It's a relatively common name in Albania and Kosovo, and it’s often given to girls born in the month of May. This seasonal name is an excellent choice for parents seeking a unique, time-specific name.

13. Makeda

Makeda is a name of Amharic (Ethiopian) origin and it's believed to be the name of the Queen of Sheba, a figure in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran. The name Makeda isn't very common, which adds to its unique charm. Parents who are inspired by powerful female figures in history might be drawn to this name.

14. Makena

Makena is a name of Kikuyu origin (the Kikuyu are the largest ethnic group in Kenya) and it means "the happy one". It's also the name of a town in Maui, Hawaii. Makena is an excellent choice for parents looking for a joyful, light-hearted name that reflects positivity and happiness.

15. Makoto

Makoto is a unisex name of Japanese origin that means "sincerity" or "truth". It's a popular choice in Japan for its positive connotation and easy pronunciation. Parents drawn to Japanese culture or looking for a gender-neutral name might find Makoto appealing.

16. Malaika

Malaika is a feminine name of Arabic origin that means "angel". It's quite popular among Arabic-speaking communities and in some African countries due to the Swahili song "Malaika". This celestial name is often chosen by parents who want a name with a divine or heavenly connection.

17. Malini

Malini is a feminine name of Indian (Sanskrit) origin that means "fragrant" or "gardener". It's fairly common in India and among Indian diaspora communities. This name carries a beautiful connotation related to nature and could be a great pick for parents seeking a nature-inspired name.

18. Mareike

Mareike is a Frisian/German form of Mary, and it has a meaning similar to the original, which is "wished-for child" or "rebellion". This name is popular in the northern parts of Germany, particularly in Frisia. Mareike provides a unique twist on a classic name, making it a wonderful option for parents looking for something traditional yet distinctive.

19. Mariam

Mariam is a variation of the name Maria, and it's used in various cultures including Arabic, Greek, and Armenian. It carries similar meanings to Maria, such as "bitter", "beloved", or "rebellious". It's a classic and universal name that's recognized across many cultures, making it a great choice for families with a multicultural background.

20. Mariska

Mariska is a feminine name of Hungarian origin. It's a diminutive form of Maria, which means "wished-for child", "rebellion", or "beloved". This name gained recognition in English-speaking countries largely due to the actress Mariska Hargitay. Parents might be drawn to this name for its connection to Hungarian roots, or for its ties to the famous actress.

21. Marisol

A beautiful name of Spanish origin, Marisol translates to "Sea and Sun". The name is a blend of 'María' and 'sol', embodying the vibrant and sunny nature of the Spanish seaside. A luminary bearing this name is Marisol Escobar, a renowned French-Venezuelan sculptor. Parents might find Marisol a charming choice, imbued with a sunny disposition and the serenity of the sea.

22. Marit

This simple yet elegant name hails from Norway and means "pearl". Evoking the beauty and rarity of pearls, Marit is used predominantly in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The name enjoys popularity among modern Nordic families. For those seeking a name that embodies elegance with Nordic roots, Marit could be a wonderful choice.

23. Marja

Derived from Finnish roots, Marja translates to "berry". The name is reminiscent of the wild berries found across Finland's vast forests. Despite its simplicity, Marja carries a strong connection to the abundant Finnish nature. If you're searching for a name that reflects the beauty and simplicity of nature, Marja could be an enticing choice.

24. Marjani

A unique name of Swahili origin, Marjani means "coral". It's often given to girls in East Africa and resonates with the rich biodiversity of the Indian Ocean coral reefs. Marjani could appeal to parents who appreciate the beauty of the ocean and are looking for a name with an African heritage.

25. Marzena

Hailing from Poland, Marzena is linked to Mars, the Roman god of war. However, in Polish, the name carries connotations of longing or dreaming. Marzena, while not very common, remains a beautiful choice for those seeking a name with Polish roots and a hint of Roman mythology.

26. Matilda

Matilda is a name of Germanic origin, meaning "mighty in battle". This strong, feminine name has long been popular in Scandinavia and England, bolstered by the famous children's book "Matilda" by Roald Dahl. If you're looking for a name that combines strength and charm, Matilda could be the perfect fit.

27. Matryona

Of Russian origin, Matryona means "lady". It's an old-fashioned name that was popular in Russia several centuries ago. Matryona has a touch of nobility and classic elegance to it. Those interested in a traditional, noble-sounding name with a Russian touch may find Matryona appealing.

28. Mayim

Mayim is a unique name of Hebrew origin that means "water". With a natural and calming vibe, this name gained some visibility thanks to actress Mayim Bialik, known for her role in the TV show "The Big Bang Theory". If you are seeking a name that is distinctive, nature-inspired, and carries a sense of tranquility, Mayim could be the one.

29. Medea

Rooted in Greek mythology, Medea was a sorceress, the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis. The name means "cunning" or "ruling with counsel". Medea may captivate parents who are fascinated by Greek mythology and wish for a name with a rich backstory and a sense of power.

30. Meera

Meera is a widely used name in India, and it means "ocean" in Sanskrit. Known from the Indian princess and poetess Meera Bai, who was a devout follower of Lord Krishna, this name is deeply connected to Indian spirituality and literature. For those desiring a name with cultural depth and spiritual resonance, Meera is a beautiful choice. Picture baby B.jpg

31. Megumi

Megumi is a lovely Japanese name that translates to "blessing" or "grace". It's a common choice for girls in Japan, as it embodies a sense of kindness and benevolence. Parents who value these virtues or have a connection to Japanese culture might find this name fitting.

32. Meilin

This beautiful name originates from China and means "beautiful jade" or "plum". Its elegance lies in its symbolism, as both jade and plums hold special significance in Chinese culture. Meilin could be a perfect choice for parents wanting a name that's rich in cultural significance and conveys beauty and strength.

33. Melike

Melike is a Turkish name for girls, which means "queen". The name resonates with power and nobility, making it a striking choice. If you're drawn to the majesty of royalty and are searching for a name with Turkish origins, Melike might be just what you're looking for.

34. Melina

A name with Greek roots, Melina means "honey". It's a sweet and feminine choice, reminiscent of the golden hues and delicious flavor of honey. Parents seeking a name that's gentle yet charismatic might find Melina a fitting option.

35. Mette

Mette is a name of Danish origin and is a diminutive form of Margaret, meaning "pearl". This name is quite popular in Denmark, and it carries an air of simplicity and charm. If you're attracted to minimalist Scandinavian design and values, Mette could be a wonderful choice for your little one.

36. Milana

This attractive name originates from Slavic countries and means "gracious" or "dear". It's a popular choice across various Eastern European countries and carries a sense of warmth and endearment. Parents seeking a name that's sweet yet sophisticated might consider Milana.

37. Milda

Milda is a Lithuanian name and it means "gentle" or "loving". In Baltic mythology, Milda is the goddess of love and freedom, adding an intriguing layer of historical and cultural depth to this name. For those looking for a name that's soft-sounding and has a rich cultural history, Milda could be a great choice.

38. Minka

Minka is a diminutive of Wilhelmina in Polish and Slovene, meaning "strong-willed" or "determined". The name strikes a balance between being distinctive yet approachable, making it a unique choice. Parents wanting a name that combines strength with a touch of uniqueness might find Minka appealing.

39. Minori

Minori is a Japanese name that can mean "truth", "beautiful harbor", or "fruit". The meaning varies based on the kanji characters used to write it. Minori might captivate parents looking for a name that's flexible in its meaning and connected to Japanese culture.

40. Mireille

Mireille is a French name meaning "to admire". The name evokes the sophistication and charm synonymous with French culture. Pronounced "mee-RAY", this name has a rhythmic and melodic quality to it. If you're seeking a name that's classically French and distinctively elegant, Mireille could be the perfect fit.

41. Mirella

Hailing from Italy, Mirella is a variant of Mireille, meaning "to admire". This name encapsulates Italian warmth and vivacity. For parents who appreciate the lyrical Italian language or culture, Mirella could be a delightful choice, offering a touch of Mediterranean charm.

42. Mirembe

Mirembe originates from the East African language of Luganda, and it means "peace". The name reflects tranquillity and harmony, making it a beautiful option for those who value serenity. Parents who are drawn to names with deep, peaceful connotations or have an African heritage might resonate with Mirembe.

43. Mireya

Mireya, a name of Spanish origin, shares a similar meaning to Mirella and Mireille, which is "to admire". It's a popular choice in Spain and Latin American countries. With its Hispanic roots and graceful aura, Mireya can be a charming choice for those seeking a name with a blend of beauty and cultural richness.

44. Mitzi

Mitzi is a German diminutive of Maria, translating to "wished-for child". With its cheerful sound and endearing simplicity, Mitzi offers a unique and friendly variant of a classic name. For parents seeking a name that’s playful yet rooted in tradition, Mitzi could be a wonderful choice.

45. Moana

This Polynesian name, popularized by the Disney film of the same name, means "ocean" or "deep sea". Moana represents the power and beauty of nature, making it an enchanting choice for parents inspired by the majesty of the sea or those with a Pacific Islander heritage.

46. Mohana

Mohana is an elegant name of Sanskrit origin, meaning "bewitching" or "infatuating". It's often chosen for its connotations of allure and charm. Parents who are attracted to names with a hint of enchantment or have a connection to Indian culture might find Mohana captivating.

47. Mojca

A Slovenian diminutive of Maria, Mojca translates to "wished-for child". Despite its compactness, Mojca carries an undeniable charm. Parents intrigued by Slavic cultures or searching for a name that’s both simple and appealing might find Mojca an excellent fit.

48. Mridula

Derived from Sanskrit, Mridula means "gentle" or "tender". It's a common name in India, often chosen for its soothing and delicate connotations. If you're looking for a name that embodies kindness and has an Indian heritage, Mridula could be a wonderful selection.

49. Muna

Muna is an Arabic name that means "desire" or "wish". Its simplicity and strong, meaningful roots make it a popular choice among Arabic-speaking populations. For those who appreciate names with profound meanings or have Arabic roots, Muna could be an ideal choice.

50. Mylene

Mylene is a French name, derived from the name Milène which is a variant of Milena. It's a popular choice in France, and it often evokes an image of chic French sophistication. If you're charmed by French culture and are looking for a stylish, distinctive name, Mylene could be a perfect choice.


We hope you've enjoyed this captivating exploration into the unique “M” names for girls. Each name in this curated collection weaves its own narrative, echoing stories and significance from cultures across time and space. Whether these names have served to inspire you, or you've discovered the perfect epithet for your baby girl amongst these choices, our aim has been to assist and delight you on this journey.

Remember, a name is not just a tag. It's a tribute to heritage, a testament to your hopes, and often the first gift you bestow upon your child. As you continue this remarkable voyage of parenthood, may the perfect name find its way to you, capturing the essence of your dreams and aspirations for your little one.

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