50 unique girl names starting with "B" (+ origin & meaning)


The profound power of a name is known by all parents, and picking the perfect one for their newborn princess can sometimes feel like a daunting task. To aid you in this exhilarating adventure, we've put together a list of 50 unique girl names starting with the alluring letter "B".

Each enchanting name on this list carries with it a rich history and deep significance, promising to spark your curiosity and captivate your heart. Our compilation includes everything from classic gems to modern marvels, boasting names sourced from diverse origins, each bearing its own distinctive charm. As you browse through this list, let the melodious sounds and profound meanings of these names guide you towards the perfect epithet for your baby girl.

Let's embark on this captivating expedition together and discover names that encapsulate beauty, grace, and power!

50 lovely baby girl names starting with “B”

We've constructed a handy table for your ease. This table showcases all the girl's names beginning with 'B' as highlighted in our article. Just a simple click will plunge you into the rich tales and profound meanings embedded in each name.

Baylei Bernadette Blossom Briar Brylee
Bali Berta Blythe Bridget Brynn
Bara Beryl Bobbie Brielle Brynna
Basia Bethan Bonnie Brienne Bryony
Bay Bettina Brandi Briony Bryssa
Beatrice Bianka Brandy Brisa Bunty
Beatrix Bina Brenda Britta Burgundy
Belinda Blair Brenna Brooke Burma
Bella Blake Bria Brooklyn Byanca
Belle Blanca Briana Bryana Byrdie

1. Bailey

Derived from an English surname, Bailey originally denoted a bailiff or the outer wall of a castle. The name has transcended its occupational roots to become a charming choice for a girl, with its connotations of strength and protection.

2. Bali

This beautiful name has its roots in Sanskrit, and is associated with strength and power, as it shares its name with the powerful king of the underworld in Hindu mythology. More commonly, it's known for the Indonesian island paradise, making it an exotic and adventurous choice.

3. Bara

With a serene simplicity, Bara originates from Hebrew and signifies 'to choose'. It is a unique choice reflecting spiritual depth and choice, making it a poignant choice for parents seeking a name with religious connotations.

4. Basia

A Polish diminutive of Barbara, Basia means 'foreign woman' — sometimes the name is spelled “Basha”. It's a distinctive, charming choice with Eastern European roots. This name exudes a sense of friendliness and approachability.

5. Bay

Bay is a name of English origin, reflecting nature and tranquility, as it's often associated with a body of water sheltered by land. It's a peaceful, minimalist choice that carries a sense of calm and serenity.

6. Beatrice

Derived from Latin and made popular in Italy, Beatrice means 'she who brings happiness' or 'blessed one'. This name offers a timeless charm and elegance, made famous by Dante's Beatrice in "The Divine Comedy".

7. Beatrix

Beatrix is an energetic variant of Beatrice, carrying the same meaning of 'she who brings happiness' or ‘blessed one’. This name brings to mind the spirited Beatrix Potter, renowned for her charming children's books, adding a playful and creative element to the name.

8. Belinda

This name possibly originates from the Italian for 'beautiful'. Belinda combines a sense of beauty with wisdom, and carries a melodic sound. It was popularized by the British singer Belinda Carlisle.

9. Bella

Meaning 'beautiful' in Italian, Bella has become a beloved name in various cultures. It's a name that communicates elegance, charm, and grace, popularized further by its association with the "Twilight" series.

10. Belle

A classic French name meaning 'beautiful' or ‘fair’, Belle brings to mind grace and elegance. The name gained popularity due to its association with the intelligent and kind-hearted protagonist in "Beauty and the Beast", symbolizing both outer and inner beauty. Picture baby B.jpg

11. Bernadette

Originating from French, Bernadette is the feminine form of Bernard, meaning 'brave bear'. This name conveys a mix of grace, charm, and strength, popularized by Saint Bernadette of Lourdes.

12. Berta

With Germanic roots, Berta is a short form of names like Roberta or Alberta, meaning 'bright' or 'famous'. It carries a classic, timeless appeal with a hint of European charm.

13. Beryl

Derived from Greek, Beryl refers to a type of precious gemstone. The name exudes a sense of refinement and elegance, reflecting the beauty and rarity of its namesake jewel.

14. Bethan

A Welsh diminutive of Elizabeth, Bethan means 'God is my oath'. It is a popular choice in Wales, combining a spiritual depth with a friendly, approachable feel.

15. Bettina

This Italian name is also a diminutive form of Elizabeth, meaning 'God is my oath'. Bettina brings a flair of Mediterranean charm, reflecting a blend of spiritual depth and vivacious energy.

16. Bianka

An Italian name meaning 'white', Bianka signifies purity and innocence. It's a distinctive variation on the more commonly used 'Bianca', offering a unique twist on a classic name.

17. Bina

The name Bina has its roots in Hebrew and means 'knowledge' or 'insight'. It's a short but sweet name that carries depth and intellectual charm, making it an intriguing choice for those seeking a name with a powerful meaning.

18. Blair

Originating from a Scottish surname, Blair is a unique unisex name that originates from the Scottish Gaelic word for "field", "meadow" or "battlefield". It offers a touch of sophistication and strength, popularized by the character Blair Waldorf from the "Gossip Girl" series, played by Leighton Meeste.

19. Blake

This unisex English name can mean both 'black' and 'bright'. As a girl's name, Blake exudes a sense of modernity and independence, popularized by actress Blake Lively.

20. Blanca

A Spanish name meaning 'white' or ‘shining’, Blanca symbolizes purity, innocence, and beauty. It is a timeless classic that brings to mind a sense of grace and sophistication.

21. Blossom

This floral English name signifies a fresh and sweet period of growth, associated with spring and renewal. It also gained popularity from the 1990s American sitcom "Blossom," making it a nostalgic choice with a hint of vintage charm.

22. Blythe

With Old English roots, Blythe means 'happy' or 'joyous'. This name conveys a sense of positivity and cheer, offering a refreshing, spirited choice for a girl's name.

23. Bobbie

A unisex name of English origin, Bobbie is often a diminutive of Roberta, meaning 'bright fame'. Though traditional, it maintains a friendly and approachable vibe that never goes out of style.

24. Bonnie

Bonnie is a Scottish term meaning 'pretty' or 'charming', and is often used to describe someone who is attractive and well-liked. The name carries a sweet and jovial feel, reminiscent of the gentle beauty of Scotland's landscapes.

25. Brandi

An English name derived from the Dutch brandewijn, meaning 'burnt wine'. Brandi brings to mind the rich, warming qualities of its namesake liquor, offering a sophisticated and distinctive choice for a girl's name.

26. Brandy

An English name derived from the Dutch brandewijn, meaning 'burnt wine'. Brandi brings to mind the rich, warming qualities of its namesake liquor, giving parents another sophisticated and distinctive name to choose for their precious little girl.

27. Brenda

Stemming from Old Norse, Brenda means 'sword' or 'torch', symbolizing strength and light. It carries a strong sense of traditional charm, and is well-suited for parents looking for a name that is both powerful and feminine.

28. Brenna

With roots in both Irish and Gaelic, Brenna means 'little drop of water' or 'raven'. The name combines elements of nature and mystery, making it a captivating choice for a girl's name.

29. Bria

A classic Irish name, Bria is considered to be a variant of Brianna, meaning 'noble' or 'strong'. It's a compact, modern choice that conveys a sense of energy and determination.

30. Briana

Originating from Irish and Celtic roots, Briana means 'high' or 'noble'. Popularized by Edmund Spenser's poem "The Faerie Queene", it carries a regal and dignified charm, fitting for parents seeking a name with a touch of royalty. BlogBibinoBNames.jpg

31. Briar

This English name carries the meaning of a 'thorny bush of wild roses. Despite its prickly origins, Briar has a sweet sound and connection to nature, reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty's pseudonym, "Briar Rose".

32. Bridget

With Irish roots, Bridget means 'strength' or 'exalted one'. It's a traditional choice with spiritual undertones, associated with the Irish goddess of wisdom and poetry, and several beloved saints.

33. Brielle

A short form of Gabrielle, Brielle is a French name meaning 'God is my strength'. It's an elegant choice that blends traditional elements with a modern, sophisticated twist.

34. Brienne

This French name is the feminine form of Brian, meaning 'noble' or 'strong'. Popularized by the character Brienne of Tarth from "Game of Thrones", it carries a sense of courage and strength.

35. Briony

Derived from an English plant name, Briony means 'sprouting vine'. It's a distinctive choice that mirrors the vitality and beauty of nature, making it perfect for parents who appreciate the outdoors.

36. Brisa

Meaning 'breeze' in Spanish, Brisa is a name that conveys a sense of tranquility and calmness. Its soft, gentle sound mirrors the soothing qualities of a light wind, adding to its charm.

37. Britta

A Swedish variant of Birgit, Britta means 'strength' or 'exalted one'. This name carries a sense of solidity and resilience, while also maintaining an air of Scandinavian elegance.

38. Brooke

An English name that signifies a small stream, Brooke is often associated with calmness and natural beauty. It's a popular choice that blends a serene, outdoorsy vibe with a touch of classic charm.

39. Brooklyn

An American name that combines the English words 'brook' and 'lyn', Brooklyn is often associated with the New York borough. It offers a trendy, urban vibe that carries an artistic and creative flair.

40. Bryana

A Celtic name that means 'strong', 'virtuous', and 'honorable', Bryana is a variant of Brianna. This alternative spelling adds a unique touch to a name that combines strength and nobility. Picture B names 2.jpg

41. Brylee

An American name, Brylee is a combination of Bryn, meaning 'hill', and Lee, meaning 'meadow'. It has a sweet, cheerful sound, symbolizing the open and vast landscapes of the countryside.

42. Brynn

Originating from Wales, Brynn means 'hill' or 'mound'. This name is often associated with strength and solidity, just like the landscapes it refers to. It's a simple, charming choice with a hint of Welsh charm.

43. Brynna

A Welsh name that also means 'hill' or 'mound', Brynna is a variant of Brynn. It carries the same sense of strength as its shorter counterpart, but with an additional touch of elegance.

44. Bryony

An alternative spelling of Briony, this English name refers to a type of wild vine. Bryony is associated with the vitality and beauty of nature, making it an enchanting choice for parents who appreciate the outdoors.

45. Bryssa

With Spanish roots, Bryssa is believed to be a variant of Brisa, meaning 'breeze'. It carries a sense of calmness and tranquility, capturing the soothing qualities of a gentle wind.

46. Bunty

Originating from an old English term for a lamb, Bunty is a sweet and playful name. It carries a nostalgic charm and evokes imagery of rolling green fields and playful frolics, making it a cheerful choice.

47. Burgundy

This is an English name derived from a richly-colored red wine from the Burgundy region of France. The name carries a sense of sophistication and elegance, suitable for parents seeking a unique, vivacious name.

48. Burma

Named after the Southeast Asian country known for its rich history and diverse culture. As a name, Burma carries an exotic, adventurous spirit and could be a perfect choice for parents with a love of travel or heritage links to the region.

49. Byanca

An alternative spelling of Bianca, Byanca is an Italian name meaning 'white'. This variant maintains the classic meaning while adding a unique twist, combining purity and beauty with individuality.

50. Byrdie

With English roots, Byrdie is a playful take on the word 'birdie'. It carries a whimsical charm, often associated with freedom and flight, reflecting a sense of carefree joy and spirit.

Choosing a name for your beautiful baby girl

We hope our curated list has sparked inspiration, maybe even leading you to the perfect name that will accompany your little girl as she grows, blossoms, and navigates the story of her life. Remember, each name carries its own melody, story, and spark, waiting to be ignited by your precious one's unique personality.

From timeless to contemporary, we hope you've discovered not just a name, but a heartfelt sentiment that resonates with your dreams for your darling daughter. After all, a name is not just an identity, but a first gift, a first heirloom, a cherished whisper from a parent's heart to their child. As your journey continues, may it be filled with joy, love, and the unique magic that each new life brings!

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