50 unique boy names starting with "C" (+ origin & meaning)


The search for the ideal name for one's child can be likened to an exciting adventure, and every parent knows the significance of this gift. To aid you in this exciting endeavor, we've produced a list of 50 unusual boy names that start with the charming letter "C"; give your adorable son a dose of individuality right from the get-go by giving him a name that stands out from the crowd.

The rich history and profound significance of each name on our list are sure to captivate and motivate you. From time-honored favourites to cutting-edge newcomers, this thoughtfully curated collection has something for every taste and preference. Allow the names' calming syllables and profound meanings to guide you as you explore this list and choose a moniker for your precious little one.

Let's take off on this exciting adventure together and choose some names that are equal parts powerful, elegant, and alluring. Let's dive headfirst into the alluring sea of boys' names that start with the alluring letter "C"!

50 possible names to gift your precious newborn son

We've crafted a user-friendly table here to enrich your journey through these mesmerizing names. This handy assembly exhibits all the boys' names beginning with 'C' that we've spotlighted in our post. With just a single click, you can delve into the captivating narratives and deep meanings of each name!

Cadell Carrick Chaim Ciprian Connell
Cael Carver Chance Clancy Conway
Calder Casimir Chandler Claude Corbin
Calix Caspian Channing Claudius Cordero
Callan Cassian Chapman Clayton Cormac
Calloway Cato Chase Clement Cosmo
Calogero Cedric Chauncey Cliff Cullen
Camden Celso Chesney Colby Culver
Canaan Cerulean Chester Coleman Cypher
Carmelo Cesar Cian Colm Cyrus

1. Cadell

The name Cadell has a rich history in Wales, where it was a name given to warriors. Derived from the Welsh word 'cad', which means 'battle', and 'ael', meaning 'hilt of a sword', it's a perfect choice for parents seeking a strong, bold name. The name Cadell reminds us of strength, bravery, and resilience, invoking images of historic Celtic warriors.

It has remained relatively uncommon, offering an intriguing choice for parents searching for unique names. Whether in historical Welsh lore or modern classrooms, Cadell is sure to stand out.

2. Cael

Cael is a captivating name of Gaelic origin, meaning "slender." This simplistic yet beautiful name is often associated with a mythical warrior in Irish folklore known for his strength and courage. It's a name that harmonizes tradition with modernity, capturing both an age-old narrative and contemporary brevity.

Cael is concise, powerful, and enchanting, evoking an air of mystery and allure. Its brevity lends a contemporary feel, while its roots keep it grounded in rich cultural history.

3. Calder

Calder is a name of Scottish origin that means "rocky water" or "stream". This strong and masculine name pays homage to the rugged landscapes of Scotland, where fast-flowing rivers carve their paths through ancient stones. The name Calder brings to mind images of nature's undeniable force and beauty, making it a compelling choice for parents who appreciate the great outdoors.

It's a distinctive and original name that embodies strength and determination. Like the running waters it represents, Calder is a name for a spirit that can't be stopped.

4. Calix

The name Calix is of Latin origin, meaning "chalice". This fascinating name has strong religious connotations, as in Christianity, the chalice is a symbol of the Last Supper and Jesus' sacrifice. Calix, with its connection to one of the most significant symbols of Christianity, offers a unique choice for families who want to honor their faith.

It's a name that is both spiritual and distinct, evoking an aura of serenity and respect. Calix combines grace, reverence, and history in just five letters.

5. Callan

Callan is a compelling name of Gaelic and Scottish origin meaning "rock" or "battle". The name brings to mind an image of someone strong, reliable, and steadfast, just like a rock amidst a storm. Callan, therefore, could be an ideal name for parents seeking something that denotes strength and resilience.

Despite its strong meaning, Callan retains a modern and smooth sound. It's a unique name with a robust significance, yet it still feels approachable and friendly.

6. Calloway

The English surname-turned-first-name Calloway means "pebbly place". It has a distinctive, yet melodious ring to it, bringing to mind rolling landscapes adorned with smooth, worn pebbles. This name is perfect for parents looking for a more unique choice with an elegant, rhythmic feel.

Calloway is a name that sings, dances, and reverberates with vitality. It's a great choice for those who appreciate both the poetry of nature and the rhythm of language.

7. Calogero

Calogero is a distinctive name of Italian origin, meaning "beautiful elder". Traditionally, this name has been popular in southern Italy and carries a strong connotation of respect and reverence for wisdom that comes with age. Calogero is rich with cultural heritage, providing an immediate link to Italy's vibrant history and the country's reverence for the older generation.

It's a powerful, distinctive name that's loaded with respect and love for wisdom and age. Calogero may be unusual, but its strong cultural roots make it a name to be remembered.

8. Camden

Camden is a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin, meaning "winding valley". The name Camden captures the peaceful serenity of the valleys of Scotland, where rivers meander and life moves at a slower pace. It's a name that evokes imagery of breathtaking landscapes and the calming whisper of a gentle breeze.

Camden is simple yet impactful, bringing together a sense of tranquility and strength. This name is perfect for parents seeking a name with a peaceful connotation and a touch of Scottish heritage.

9. Canaan

The name Canaan has roots in the Bible, where it was the name of a Promised Land. Canaan is of Hebrew origin and it means "land of reeds". The name carries a deep sense of spirituality and promise, symbolizing a place of prosperity and peace.

Canaan, as a name, instills a sense of hope, painting a picture of fertile lands and opportunities. With its rich biblical history, Canaan can be an ideal choice for parents seeking a name with religious significance and a promise of hope.

10. Carmelo

Carmelo is a beautiful name of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning "garden". In the Bible, Mount Carmel was known for its lush and fruitful vineyards, making Carmelo a symbol of abundance and fertility. The name Carmelo is rich in imagery and tradition, suggesting a landscape filled with beauty and prosperity.

Carmelo weaves together cultural richness, biblical history, and a hint of nature. It's a sophisticated name for those seeking a melodious sound combined with profound meaning.


11. Carrick

The name Carrick has a strong Celtic origin, meaning "rock". Originally a Scottish and Irish surname, it denotes a person who lived near a rock. Carrick combines strength and solidity, much like the geological feature it is named after.

It's a unique, sturdy name, often chosen for its rugged charm and representation of steadiness. With its strong Celtic roots, Carrick is a wonderful choice for parents looking for a name rich in heritage.

12. Carver

English in origin, the name Carver means "wood carver" or "sculptor". It was initially an occupational surname and has now gained popularity as a first name. This name symbolizes artistry, creativity, and craftsmanship, making it an attractive choice for parents seeking a name that echoes artistic talent.

Carver has a strong and masculine sound, yet it also conveys a sense of delicacy and detail, akin to the work of a true craftsman. It's an intriguing choice for those seeking a unique, resonant name with a strong link to craftsmanship.

13. Casimir

Casimir is a name of Polish origin, meaning "proclaimer of peace". It has a noble history, being borne by several kings of Poland. Casimir carries a deep sense of nobility, peace, and power, making it a compelling choice for parents looking for a distinguished, historic name.

It’s regal and commanding, while still being relatively unique in the contemporary naming world. Casimir is a perfect blend of historical grandeur and modern uniqueness.

14. Caspian

The name Caspian originates from the Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland body of water, located between Asia and Europe. This geographical name evokes images of expansive, mysterious waters and distant shores.

The name Caspian holds an air of adventure and exploration, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking a distinctive, adventurous name. This name, while uncommon, has a melodic sound that adds to its charm. The allure of the unknown and the romance of exploration are embodied in the name Caspian.

15. Cassian

Cassian is a Latin name, derived from 'Cassius', which means "hollow". The name has a rich history within the Christian faith, as it was borne by several saints throughout history. Cassian is a classic, yet unique name that holds an air of ancient wisdom and grace.

Despite its ancient origins, it sounds fresh and modern, offering an intriguing choice for parents seeking a blend of old-world charm and contemporary appeal. Cassian exudes a sense of calmness and profundity, ideal for a thoughtful, serene child.

16. Cato

Cato is a name of Latin origin, meaning "wise". It was a name borne by several significant figures in Roman history, including the philosopher and statesman, Cato the Elder. Cato is a succinct, strong name that carries with it an aura of wisdom and intelligence.

It's a classic name with a robust history, yet it remains refreshingly unique and sophisticated. Cato, with its timeless wisdom and simple elegance, is a truly captivating choice.

17. Cedric

The name Cedric has its roots in Old English, meaning "bounty". It was popularized by Sir Walter Scott in his novel "Ivanhoe". Cedric is a classic name that suggests abundance, prosperity, and wealth. It has a regal and timeless charm to it, possibly due to its literary connection.

Cedric, with its strong syllables and its hint of historical grandeur, can be a wonderful choice for parents seeking a traditional, yet distinctive name.

18. Celso

Celso is a name of Italian and Spanish origin, meaning "high" or "lofty". This name is often associated with the heights of accomplishment and aspiration, suggesting a person of great ambition. Celso is a powerful, evocative name that holds a sense of aspiration and grandeur.

It offers an ideal choice for parents looking for a name that suggests aspiration, ambition, and achieving great heights. With its resounding syllables and lofty meaning, Celso is a name that's bound to stand tall.

19. Cerulean

Cerulean is a unique name derived from the Latin word 'caeruleus', meaning "dark blue, or blue-green", often referring to the sky or sea. The name Cerulean brings to mind the vastness of the sky and the depth of the ocean, suggesting a sense of endless possibilities and a free spirit. As a name, Cerulean carries an artistic, almost poetic charm, painting pictures of blue horizons and serene landscapes. For parents seeking a name outside the traditional realm, offering a blend of creativity, freedom, and depth, Cerulean could be a fantastic choice.

20. Cesar

A famous name of Latin origin, Cesar is a name that carries the meaning “head of hair” or "long-haired". However, it's most often associated with Julius Caesar, the famous Roman general, making it synonymous with leadership and power. Cesar is a timeless, historic name that carries a sense of authority and command.

Despite its strong historical connotations, Cesar maintains a contemporary sound that fits well into the modern world. It's a distinctive choice for parents seeking a name that balances historical significance with modern appeal.

21. Chaim

Chaim is a traditional Hebrew name meaning "life" or "alive". The name carries a deep sense of vitality and spirit, symbolizing the life force in each one of us. Chaim is a powerful, resonant name with a strong connection to Jewish culture and heritage.

It's a choice that speaks to strength, perseverance, and the vibrancy of life itself. With its deep roots and potent meaning, Chaim stands as a compelling option for parents seeking a name with a vibrant cultural and life-affirming resonance.

22. Chance

The name Chance comes from the English word meaning "good fortune". As a name, it carries a sense of optimism, spontaneity, and unpredictability. Chance is a modern, charismatic choice that suggests a free-spirited, lucky individual.

The name is also frequently associated with risk-takers and adventurers, adding a layer of excitement to its usage. If you're seeking a unique name that's filled with hope and positivity, Chance could be the ideal pick.

23. Chandler

Originating from Old French, Chandler means "candle seller". Historically an occupational name, it has now evolved into a charming first name. It evokes imagery of craftsmen meticulously creating candles, a key element of life in earlier times.

Chandler, with its association with a humble, yet essential trade, could be an attractive choice for parents looking for a name with historical depth and a connection to craftsmanship. It's a name that feels both robust and gentle, blending a touch of the past with present-day appeal.

24. Channing

Channing is an English name, meaning "young wolf" or "people of Cana". This name combines elements of strength, represented by the wolf, with a sense of community and belonging, denoted by 'people of Cana'. It's a unique and charismatic name, radiating warmth and strength.

Whether drawing from the wild spirit of the wolf or the communal bonds of a people, Channing offers a name filled with rich imagery and profound significance. It is an uncommon choice that captures both the fierceness of individuality and the comfort of belonging.

25. Chapman

Chapman is an Old English name, originally a surname, meaning "merchant" or "trader". This name connects to a time when names were derived from occupations, tying it to historical roots. Chapman brings to mind the imagery of bustling marketplaces and skilled tradesmen.

It's a strong, distinctive name that speaks of resourcefulness and entrepreneurship. With its historical significance and solid sound, Chapman makes for a unique first name.

26. Chase

The name Chase is of French origin, meaning "to hunt". While it's commonly associated with a pursuit, it also suggests ambition, adventure, and an active spirit. It's a lively, dynamic name that embodies energy and determination.

Chase is a short, crisp name with a modern appeal that fits perfectly into the fast-paced, ambitious world of today. For parents seeking a name with zest and drive, Chase could be an exciting choice.

27. Chauncey

Chauncey is a name of French origin, meaning "chancellor". It has a dignified and formal tone to it, reminiscent of its origins in the halls of academia and governance. Chauncey, with its sophisticated sound and historical connotations, could be a perfect choice for parents seeking a name with a bit of pomp and circumstance.

It's a classic, strong name that carries an air of intelligence and respect. Despite being uncommon today, Chauncey has a timeless quality that never goes out of style.

28. Chesney

Chesney is another English name with roots in Old English, meaning "oak grove". It brings forth imagery of peaceful woods and the strength and longevity of the oak tree. Chesney combines a connection to nature with a sense of serenity and stability, making it an attractive choice for parents who value tranquility and nature.

It's a rare, melodious name that feels grounded and reassuring. Chesney resonates with the calm, enduring strength of an oak tree, offering a unique and serene choice.

29. Chester

The name Chester is of English origin, meaning "fortress" or "walled town". Historically used as a place name, Chester brings to mind the robustness and safety of a fortified town. It's a strong, sturdy name that suggests security and resilience.

Chester, with its strong consonants and clear vowels, is a choice that carries a sense of tradition, while remaining distinct in the modern naming landscape. Chester combines the solidity of a fortress with the comfort of a small town, resulting in a unique, endearing choice.

30. Cian

Cian is a name of Irish origin, meaning "ancient" or "enduring". It carries an air of wisdom and timelessness, linking the child to a rich tapestry of history and heritage. Cian is a short, crisp name that exudes a sense of strength and durability.

It's a popular choice among parents looking for a name with cultural depth and a strong, yet simple sound. With its roots deep in Irish soil, Cian is a timeless name that connects the past, present, and future.


31. Ciprian

Ciprian is a name of Romanian origin, derived from the Greek name "Kyprianos", meaning "from Cyprus". It carries with it a sense of Mediterranean warmth and charm. The name Ciprian is associated with Saint Ciprian, a bishop of Carthage, which adds a layer of religious significance.

It's a unique, rhythmic name that stands out with its exotic sound. If you're seeking a name with an international flair and rich cultural resonance, Ciprian could be an excellent choice.

32. Clancy

Clancy is a name of Irish origin, meaning "son of Flannchadh", which translates to "red warrior". This name combines a sense of valor with familial ties, making it unique and compelling. Clancy is a vibrant name, holding a blend of heritage, strength, and familial bonds.

While less common in the present day, Clancy holds a charm that's both timeless and memorable. It's a great pick for parents looking for a name that carries a sense of history, strength, and honor.

33. Claude

Claude is a classic French name, meaning "lame" or "crippled", but don't let the literal translation deter you. Many famous figures have carried this name, from artists to scholars, granting it an aura of sophistication and intellectual strength. Despite its ancient roots, Claude retains a timeless elegance, making it a sophisticated choice for parents looking for a classic name with a European touch.

It exudes a sense of dignity and class that transcends its historical origins. With its old-world charm and simple elegance, Claude is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

34. Claudius

Similar to “Claude”, Claudius is a Latin name, meaning "lame" or "crippled". Despite its literal meaning, the name carries historical significance, having been borne by several Roman Emperors, notably Claudius I. The name Claudius holds a sense of power and authority, steeped in historical grandeur.

It is a strong, distinguished name, echoing the might of an ancient empire. Claudius is a compelling choice for parents seeking a name with historical weight and imperial grandeur.

35. Clayton

The name Clayton is of English origin, meaning "town on clay". It originated as a place name and evolved into a surname, and is now a popular first name. Clayton has a grounded, earthy feel to it, as it relates to the land, and suggests a stable and reliable person.

The name carries a natural, rustic charm, making it an appealing choice for parents seeking a solid, traditional name with a connection to nature. Clayton combines the strength of the earth with the warmth of a small town, making it an endearing choice.

36. Clement

Clement is a name of Latin origin, meaning "merciful" or "gentle". This name is often associated with kindness, peace, and understanding, reflecting its origins in the Latin "clemens". Clement is a serene and graceful name that carries a sense of compassion and harmony.

The name’s soothing sound and gentle meaning make it a wonderful choice for parents seeking a name that suggests peace and kindness. With its calming aura and timeless appeal, Clement is a name that exudes tranquility and grace.

37. Cliff

Cliff is an English name, meaning "slope". It's a straightforward, earthy name that evokes images of towering cliffs and vast landscapes. Cliff is a short, strong name that suggests a sense of resilience and steadfastness.

With its solid sound and rugged charm, it's an attractive choice for parents looking for a name that is both robust and easy to pronounce. Cliff's association with nature's strength and grandeur makes it a powerful, evocative choice.

38. Colby

Colby is a unisex English name meaning "coal town". It originally was a place name, then a surname, before transitioning into use as a first name. Colby carries a sense of charm and friendliness, making it an appealing choice for many parents.

With its smooth sound and friendly aura, Colby fits well in the modern naming landscape. If you're seeking a name that is both gentle and cheerful, Colby could be the ideal choice.

39. Coleman

The name Coleman comes from Irish roots, meaning "dove", symbolizing peace and purity. It carries a sense of tranquility and grace, as it connects to the dove, a universal symbol of peace. Coleman has a traditional, yet distinctive sound that gives it a timeless appeal.

It's a sturdy, elegant name that's well-suited to parents looking for a balance of strength and gentleness. Coleman, with its peaceful connotation and solid sound, stands as a serene yet strong choice.

40. Colm

Colm is a name of Irish origin, meaning "dove", much like Coleman. It is a popular name in Ireland, carrying with it the same connotations of peace and purity associated with the dove. Colm is a simple, crisp name that exudes a sense of tranquility and grace.

Despite its simplicity, it holds a profound meaning that can resonate deeply. If you're in search of a name that's straightforward, meaningful, and carries a serene vibe, Colm could be an excellent choice.


41. Connell

Connell is a name of Irish origin, meaning "strong as a wolf". It brings together power and nobility, embodied in the figure of the wolf. Connell is a robust, rhythmic name that resonates with strength and resilience.

For parents seeking a name that communicates might and tenacity, Connell is a compelling choice. With its roots in Irish soil and its strong meaning, Connell is a captivating pick.

42. Conway

The name Conway is of Celtic origin, meaning "holy water". It ties the child to the sanctity and life-giving power of water, symbolizing purity and life. Conway, with its serene sound and soothing meaning, is a charming choice for parents seeking a name that radiates tranquility and sanctity.

It's an uncommon name that offers a distinctive blend of spiritual significance and natural beauty. Conway is a gentle, flowing name with a deep spiritual resonance.

43. Corbin

Corbin is a name of French origin, meaning "raven". This name brings to mind the raven, a bird known for its intelligence and mystery, suggesting a person of deep wisdom and perhaps an intriguing, enigmatic personality. Corbin is a name that feels modern yet retains its historic roots, making it an attractive choice for parents seeking a unique name with a hint of mystery.

It's a strong, resonant name that captures the essence of intelligence and enigma found in its avian inspiration. Corbin is an intriguing choice that blends strength with a touch of mystery.

44. Cordero

The beautiful name Cordero comes from Spanish, meaning "lamb". This name carries a sense of gentleness and innocence, tying the child to the purity and peacefulness symbolized by the lamb. Cordero, with its soft sound and tender meaning, could be an appealing choice for parents seeking a name that radiates gentleness and peace.

It's a unique name that stands out with its Spanish roots and soothing resonance. If you're looking for a name that exudes warmth, tranquility, and tenderness, Cordero could be the ideal pick.

45. Cormac

Cormac is a name of Irish origin, meaning "charioteer". With its roots deep in Irish history and mythology, Cormac brings together elements of heroism, adventure, and skill. The name Cormac is robust and energetic, carrying the vitality and dynamism inherent in its meaning.

It's a powerful, vibrant name that fits well for a child with a spirited and adventurous personality. With its blend of historical resonance and lively energy, Cormac is a compelling choice.

46. Cosmo

Cosmo is a name of Greek origin, meaning "order”, “beauty”, or “universe". It connects the child with the grandeur of the cosmos and the ordered beauty of the universe. Cosmo, with its cosmic resonance and sense of harmony, is an unconventional choice that stands out in its novelty and depth.

It's a name that's both intriguing and inviting, sparking thoughts of the vast, awe-inspiring universe. For parents looking for a name with a broad, cosmic resonance, Cosmo is a captivating choice.

47. Cullen

Cullen is a name of Irish origin, meaning "holly tree". The name connects the child with nature, specifically the holly tree, which is associated with protection and winter festivities.

Cullen is a name that feels contemporary while still retaining a connection to nature and tradition. It's a soft, pleasing name that suggests resilience and festive joy. With its natural resonance and warm undertone, Cullen is a delightful choice.

48. Culver

Culver is an Old English name, meaning "dove". Like other names linked to the dove, Culver carries connotations of peace, purity, and gentleness. It's a unique name that blends a historic sound with a gentle meaning, making it an appealing choice for parents seeking a name that's both distinctive and harmonious.

Culver, with its serene undertones and calming sound, exudes tranquility and peace. If you're seeking a name that communicates peace and gentleness, Culver could be a suitable pick.

49. Cypher

The name Cypher comes from English, meaning "zero" or "a secret method of writing". As a name, Cypher suggests a sense of mystery, secrecy, and potential. It's a unique, modern choice that speaks to the hidden, the coded, and the unknown. The name is often associated with digital and mathematical contexts, giving it a cutting-edge appeal.

If you're looking for a name that is modern, distinctive, and carries a hint of mystery, Cypher could be an intriguing option.

50. Cyrus

Cyrus is a name of Persian origin, meaning "sun" or "throne". The name hails from antiquity, famously borne by Cyrus the Great, founder of the Persian Empire. It's a strong, regal name that carries connotations of leadership and power.

Cyrus, with its historic resonance and strong meaning, is a robust and distinguished choice for parents. With its regal undertone and bright meaning, Cyrus shines as a name that's both powerful and radiant.


We hope that our list of boy names starting with the letter "C" has encouraged your creativity and helped you narrow down the options for your beloved child. The deep meanings and fascinating histories behind each name provide inspiration for creating a one-of-a-kind identity for your child. Remember that the name you give your boy will play a vital role in his own story, whether your preference lies with the timeless classics or the cutting-edge trendsetters, much like choosing the best baby monitor app for your needs.

It's important to remember that finding your true identity begins with a name. We hope you'll pause to consider these names and let their meanings sink in. The ideal name often presents itself when you least expect it.

Best of luck to you on your naming journey, and we look forward to joining you on future naming adventures!

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