Tips on how to start using Bibino


The beauty of Bibino is its simplicity and versatility. To get started, here are our tips and tricks to make your Bibino journey perfect.

Essentials for smooth Bibino app use

  • Stable Wi-Fi/mobile data connection: for uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Power Source: ensure that the devices have sufficient charge or are plugged in. On the Parent Station, you can see the Baby Station's battery level. You can also see whether it's charging or not.
  • Perfect placing of Baby Station: place the camera and power cord out of the child's reach and ensure a good view. To find out the best place for your Baby Station, continue to article Where to safely place the baby monitor.

What is good to set up?

Optimizing these settings to align with your specific circumstances, environment, and your baby’s activity can enhance the effectiveness of monitoring.

1. Noise sensitivity

Some babies make quiet sounds or gentle noises, while others cry more loudly. Adjust the sensitivity to catch important sounds. Set it up from any station, settings are always synchronised:

  • From Parent Station tap on Menu → Settings → Noise Sensitivity.

  • From Baby Station tap on Menu → Noise Sensitivity.

Setup on Parent Station

2. Motion detection

Choose the level of motion the app should react to based on your baby's unique behavior. Set it up from any station, settings are always synchronised:

  • On Parent Station tap on Menu → Settings → Motion Detection.

  • On Baby Station tap on Menu → Motion Detection and select the sensitivity level.

Setup on Baby Station

3. Notifications

By customizing the notifications, you can ensure that you're only alerted to the moments that matter most to you, minimizing disruptions and maximizing peace of mind. On parent device tap on Menu → Settings → Notifications


Create your baby's profile

Fill in the name and edit your child's avatar to make the app easier to use. You can choose from skin color, facial appearance, hair type and color, dress, accessories. Or you can upload photo of your child to make the app truly yours. Your customised avatar or photo will show during monitoring, on the main screen, and in notifications.

Baby editor in app screen

There are few ways to setup baby profile:

  • From Baby Station: tap on Menu → My Baby → Edit your baby profile.
  • From Parent Station: tap on Menu → Settings → My Baby → Edit your baby profile.
  • From main screen: tap on Menu → Settings → Babies → Select baby to edit it or create new baby profile.

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