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Every baby is unique. Some sleep better in complete silence around them, while others fall asleep better with a color noise or a lullaby playing in the room. Bibino gives you the freedom to choose whatever works for your baby in every situation.

What the lullaby feature can do

The Bibino app now lets you choose from over 20 lullabies and sounds - from color noises and household noises to sounds of nature. The most popular soothing sound is white noise. You'll find it in the Bibino app, along with many others, such as:

  • colour noises (white, brown, pink)
  • household noises (vacuum cleaner, shower, fan..)
  • sounds of nature (storm, sea, rainforest..)
  • traveling sounds (car, plane, train).


You can control the lullaby from both the Parent Station and the Baby Station (which comes in handy for setting it up before your baby falls asleep). You can also put a timer to decide when the baby camera should stop the lullaby from playing.

Tip: If you miss a lullaby or sound in the baby monitor sound library, you can record your own lullaby or a spoken fairy tale.

The best part? The app doesn't take the sound of the lullabies into account so you don't have to worry about false alarm.

How to play Lullabies

Lullabies can be easily played and set up in no time. Here's what you can play and how:

Lullabies on Parent Station

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