Offer your guests a free baby monitor

Do you run a hotel, a guest house or a similar accommodation type? Ensure a better stay for your guests with a free baby monitor.

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Why offer your guests Bibino Baby Monitor?

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It’s completely free

We provide Bibino Premium to all parents staying in your hotel or a guesthouse for up to 14 days. No commitments, no credit cards.

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You’ll attract more families

Any parent will appreciate the thoughtful service of their host. Parents can enjoy a peaceful dinner or other services your hotel provides while keeping their eye on their baby.

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It’s super simple to setup

Your guests will simply download the app on two phones or tablets - one to stay with the baby and the second one for the parent.

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Better ratings for your hotel

Any parent will appreciate a baby-friendly hotel or a guesthouse when travelling. Happy parents are more likely to leave your hotel a positive review and recommend it to their friends.

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It works worldwide

Whether you’re a five-star hotel chain manager in New York or a small guesthouse owner in Bali, Bibino works anywhere with WiFi. Plus, it’s available in 19 languages.

How it works for the guests?


Guests will download Bibino app

Your guests will scan a QR code from a flyer that we will provide you with, and they’ll download the app.


The app will check the guest’s location

Bibino will check the guests’ location. If it’s verified as accommodation, it will activate Bibino Premium for free.


Your guests will enjoy Bibino for free

Parents staying in your hotel will enjoy Bibino Premium for free for 14 days - enough time to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Why do we offer Bibino app for free?


To support hotels after COVID-19

The pandemic took its toll on the travel industry. This way, we want to support and help accommodation facilities all over the world.


To introduce parents to smart baby monitoring

Many users don't know that there are better ways to monitor their babies. Unpractical hardware baby monitors are past their prime.


To help families enjoy a peaceful vacation

With a reliable baby monitor at hand, families can enjoy their vacation stress-free and with peace of mind.