What is Activity log?

The Activity log is a timeline of past monitoring with audio recordings assigned to their respective timestamps. The Activity log is synchronized on all devices under your Bibino account. 

You can access all Activity logs from the main screen by tapping on the icon of a clock. You can access the current Activity log during the monitoring in MenuActivity log or by tapping “Last noise ‘time period’ ago.

Recorded noises in the Activity log are condensed, which means we shorten the silence intervals. For example, when the baby was noisy for 10 seconds, but the actual noise was only 7 seconds, the audio file will be 7 seconds long. An option to replay recorded noises is a premium feature and it is part of Bibino Premium subscription plan.

The Activity log structure, timestamps, and noise recordings are stored on our Bibino servers. You can access Activity logs from the last 21 days. Older Activity logs are automatically deleted.

If you wish to keep the audio recording you can export it by playing the audio recording and then selecting “Export” (available only in Bibino Premium).

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