Watch over all your kids at once


If you're a parent of multiple children, you've probably experienced a situation where you needed to keep an eye on all sleeping children at the same time. With Bibino you can monitor up to 4 children at the same time from one Parent Station.

Multi-baby monitoring

Pair your Parent Station with all devices you plan to use as a Baby Stations. Continue to the connection process and select all Baby Stations you need to monitor at the same time.

You can switch between two different views of the babies in the app:

  • Full-screen view of one Baby Station: Miniatures of other connected Baby Stations are in the upper right corner. You can switch between the children by clicking on these miniatures.

  • Split-screen view of all connected Baby Stations: You can switch between video and audio modes for each Baby Station as needed.

Multi-baby monitoring

See video tutorial for detailed info about muli-baby monitoring.

Tip: Create an avatar for all your kids. Avatar or photo is displayed during monitoring so you can easily see which baby is crying.

Multi-room monitoring

Use Bibino to monitor multiple rooms at once. One Baby Station will be placed in each room. This is ideal for parents who need to keep an eye on their baby in different areas of the house, especially as babies start to move around more.


Put Baby Stations in your baby's nursery, playroom, and living room so you can see where they are and what they're doing while you're in other parts of the house.

Tip: Create avatar for all your kids

Adding avatars to your multi-baby monitoring app can be a helpful way to distinguish which baby is crying. When you see your baby's avatar on the screen, you can immediately identify which baby needs your attention. It doesn't happen anymore that you run into a room where is a peacefully sleeping sibling.


You can choose from skin color, facial appearance, hair type and color, dress, accessories. Or you can upload photo of your child to make the app truly yours. Your customised avatar or photo will show during monitoring, on the main screen, and in notifications.

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