Personalise your baby look in new Bibino update

September 14, 2021


We try to provide you with the best and the most personalised baby monitoring experience. Let's look, what we improved in version 3.1!

Customise baby avatar to make it yours

The first feature is Baby editor. The editor has multiple tools for editing baby’s avatar. Firstly, you’ll fill in some information about your baby and then starts the fun part - you can choose from skin color, facial appearance, hair type and color, dress, accessories. And that’s not everything. You can also edit the color, model, and sample of the clothes. We decided to even make some funny dresses like bear and frog costumes.

You can change the appearance anytime desired. Your customised avatar will show during monitoring, on the main screen, and in notifications.

Easy way to resolve network problems


A second new feature is the network test. It can be started when there is a problem with the connection to Bibino servers and can be also found in the application settings Expert menu. Network test shows you if the connection works and if everything’s right. This helps to resolve connection issues on restricted networks - like in a hotel or office.

Do you like the new editor feature? Is your baby wearing a casual dress or one of the costumes? Let us know together with your feedback and suggestions via or on our Facebook community.

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