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Doesn't your baby like the dark? Does it cry and only calm down when the lights come on? What if you no longer had to leave the lamp on in the nursery? The Bibino Night light feature is the solution.

What is Night light feature

The Night light feature projects a beautiful picture of an animal or a night sky on the baby's device. If your child doesn't like complete darkness, you don't have to turn on the lamp. With the adjustable intensity, you can set a brightness that will suit your needs. If the baby wakes up, he will not only see an empty room, but a cute picture that is not only nice to look at, but evokes a pleasant feeling. Make your baby's sleeping environment cozier and try Night light straight away.

How to use Night light

On the Baby Station:

  • click on Menu,
  • choose Night light,
  • select an image you like or uproad your own,
  • adjust brightnes.

You can use one of 7 beautiful images or upload your own.

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