Motion detection, improved notifications, and more

July 05, 2021



Dear parents, hopefully, you’re enjoying summer in its full swing. We’re extremely excited to finally share our newest updates in Bibino (version 3.0.0) with you.

Now, let’s take a look at the news!

Motion detection

When monitoring with Bibino, you can already see and hear what’s happening.

From now on you’ll know about every little movement too! Motion detection feature can spot your beloved baby while he or she is moving and notify you. It has three sensitivity levels - High, Medium, and Low. That way you can simply adjust the sensitivity perfectly for your needs. Motion sensitivity determines what level of motion the app should react to.

Recording events


The app will automatically take a photo or record a video with every event. Amazing, right? You can personally choose what type of media should be taken. Every event will be stored with a photo or video in the Activity log. It gives you a great overview of what’s been happening in the past. It’s such a great way of capturing precious moments. You can share those precious photos or videos with your family and friends.

Smart notifications

The notifications were smart already, but we made them even smarter.

From now on you will get notifications with a photo preview. With every noise or movement, you will get a picture. In Setting, you can choose whenever you want to be notified - when your little one is noisy, moving, or asleep. The photo preview provides you an absolutely perfect picture of what’s happening at the moment.

Mini window

This feature is for the desktop version only. When you’re using your laptop as the Parent Station you can detach the window. The app window turns smaller, but the monitoring is still on. You can move the window across the laptop screen. You’re able to comfortably work on your laptop and monitor your baby at the same time. Available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Other small improvements and fixes

Just like with every update, we fixed some minor issues and bugs that we discovered in the Bibino app to provide you with a better experience.

Let us know what you think about the new features! Also, don’t forget to rate the app in the App Store or Google Play. If you liked our app, share it with your friends and parents. You can recommend Bibino even for upcoming parents, they will for sure take your advice!

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