Motion detection


Are you worried about your baby rolling into an unsafe position while sleeping? Does your baby wake up in the night and leave the crib soundlessly? What if there was a way to monitor your baby's movements, ensuring their safety and your rest without constant vigilance? Discover how the Motion detection feature can be the solution you've been searching for.

What is Motion detection feature

The Motion detection function alerts you whenever your baby moves. It's your assistant so you don't miss any important movement. No need for constant checks; this feature ensures you're informed when your baby stirs or needs you. With adjustable sensitivity, tailor it to what's right for your peace of mind.

Enhance your nursery's safety and embrace a more restful night for both you and your little one with Motion detection.

How to customize Motion detection

Choose the level of motion the app should react to based on your baby's unique behavior. Set it up from any station, settings are always synchronised.

  • On Parent Station tap on Menu → Settings → Motion Detection.

  • On Baby Station tap on Menu → Motion Detection and select the sensitivity level.

Setup on Baby Station

From now on you’ll know about every little movement too!

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