How to help your baby fall asleep


Every baby is unique. Some sleep better in complete silence around them, while others fall asleep better with a colour noise or a lullaby playing in the room. Bibino provides you with the options to choose whatever works for your baby in any situation.

Play Lullabies and soothing sounds

You can control the lullaby from both the Parent Station and the Baby Station (which comes in handy for setting it up before your baby falls asleep). You can also put a timer to decide when the baby camera should stop the lullaby from playing.

Play and select any of our 20+ lullabies and sounds at any time:

  • colour noises (white, brown, pink)
  • household noises (vacuum cleaner, shower, fan..)
  • sounds of nature (storm, sea, rainforest..)
  • traveling sounds (car, plane, train).

Lullabies on Parent Station

Tip: If you miss any lullaby or sound in the baby monitor sound library, you can record your own lullaby or a spoken fairy tale.

The best part? The app doesn't take the sound of the lullabies into account so you don't have to worry about false alarm.

Talk to your baby remotely

When your baby falls asleep, the last thing you want to do is to wake your little one up by closing the door or squeaking floor.

With the two-way audio and video features of the baby camera, you can talk to your baby and try to soothe your little one with your voice remotely.

  • If your baby is just stirring, it may help your little one fall back to sleep.
  • If your baby has already woken up, the microphone with the two-way video can help to reassure your baby that you are already on the way to the baby's room.

Use Night light

Make your baby's sleeping environment cozier. The Night light feature projects a beautiful picture of an animal or a night sky on the baby's device. If your child doesn't like complete darkness, you don't have to turn on the lamp. With the adjustable intensity, you can set a brightness that will suit your needs.

On Baby Station tap on Menu → Night light → Select image and left screen opened.

Tip: Night mode for parents

Monitor your baby at night with Night mode. This special mode provides you with dimmed screen, and only the essential features for a peaceful night. The mode has no video, and the audio is transmitted only when it's longer than a set period of time. You won't be woken up by every little noise every few moments, but you'll know about the longer noise. You can replay all the captured audio later.

On Parent Station tap on Menu → Night mode


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