Bibino baby monitor now runs in any modern web browser

July 25, 2022


We are glad to inform you, dear parents, that Bibino is now accessible through a web browser and can be used in all modern browsers without the need to install the application.

No installation is necessary for all the functionality

There's a chance that you don't have access to two devices to install software on. You may only have a business laptop as a secondary device or a friend may have lent you his computer when you visited him. But you still need to monitor your baby. These are just a few scenarios in which the web application is useful. We still recommend downloading the app and using the browser window version as a backup solution, but it is a full-fledged version of Bibino. You can use motion detection, live video monitoring, and soothe your baby with lullabies or your voice. Simply, you have all the functions of the desktop version from any browser regardless of the device.

Where to find the browser version?

  1. You can find the Open in browser button under your account on the main Bibino web page in the section Bibino web app. If you don't have a Bibino account yet, you can create it here or in the app on any platform. BibinoMyAccount.png
  1. Alternatively, you can open the web app in the download section by clicking on the Open in browser button. Bibino will then redirect you to the log-in/sign-up page if you are not logged in to an account. BibinoDownloadSection.png
  2. And since you are here, you can also click on this link.

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