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April 20, 2022


With the peak traveling season just around the corner, we're happy to announce that in April 2022, we launched a new Bibino for vacation program designed for hotels, guesthouses and other similar types of accommodation.

Bibino for vacation provides hotel managers and guesthouse owners with a free baby monitoring app that they can offer to their guests during their stay. All that, completely for free. Why?

According to recent research by, around 70% of traveling families consider the amenities of a hotel to be an essential factor when booking their vacation. Considering that over 62% of parents travel with children aged five old or younger, having a reliable baby monitor at hand is a must.

What is Bibino for Vacation program?

Bibino for vacation is a free program designed for hotel managers, guesthouse owners and their guests.

By joining our free hotel program, you'll be able to provide a reliable and handy baby monitoring app to your guests at no cost. Each guest can use the app for up to 14 days, just enough for their entire stay.

Your guests can monitor their sleeping baby while dining in the hotel restaurant or while enjoying other services that your hotel provides. Bibino baby monitor doesn't substitute the supervision of the parents, but it gives them more space to enjoy their vacation.

How to join the hotel program?

To join Bibino for vacation program, simply visit, enter your hotel email address and download flyers that you can print out and hand out to your guests. Your guests will then scan a QR code from the flyer, install Bibino baby monitor on their phones or tablets and activate Bibino Premium for 14 days for free.

Bibino for vacation program

Why join Bibino for vacation program?

  • it's completely free (no credit card required, no hidden fees)
  • your guests will be able to use a premium version of a reliable baby monitor free of charge for up to 14 days (after that, they will be able to use the free version with limited features)
  • you will provide parents staying in your hotel with a service they will truly appreciate
  • you don't need to purchase and provide parents with any hardware (every parent can use their own phone, tablet, or computer)
  • you'll attract more families
  • your hotel will get better reviews from happy parents who will recommend your accommodation to other families
  • Bibino baby monitor works worldwide and is available in 19 languages

What is Bibino baby monitor?

Bibino baby monitor is a baby monitoring app created for parents by parents. All that your guests will need to use the app are two devices - phones, tablets, or computers and an internet connection. One device monitors the baby, the second one stays with the parent(s).

With Bibino, parents can hear and watch their baby and see if their baby is peacefully sleeping or starting to wake up.

Bibino baby monitor works anywhere in the world (as long as there is WiFi or mobile data), and it's available in 19 languages.

Bibino for vacation program

Why are we offering Bibino Premium for free?

The pandemic took its toll on most industries, but tourism and accommodation facility providers especially. Providing Bibino Premium for free to hotels and their guests is our way to help tourism get back on its feet and attract more families to your hotel or a guesthouse.

The vacation season is a peak season for tourism as well as for Bibino baby monitor because it's the time of the year when families go on vacation and are often in need of a handy and reliable baby monitor.

Join Bibino for vacation for free and attract more families to your hotel. If you're still unsure if Bibino is the right fit for your accommodation facility, get in touch with our team.

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