First update of 2023: PIP mode, animated previews in Activity log and dynamic island

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With the arrival of the New Year, many people are making changes in their lives. We have decided to make some changes to the Bibino app, and we are coming up with the first update of 2023.

We have prepared three new features that are designed to improve the user experience and give you even more flexibility and convenience. Let's take a closer look at them.

#1 Picture-in-Picture mode

The first new feature of this year is the launch of picture-in-picture mode. Have you ever had the urge to read an article or work in another app but wanted to see your baby while monitoring? Now you can watch your baby while using other apps on your device.

The picture-in-picture mode is especially useful for parents who need to work or attend to other tasks on their device. If you enable this mode in the settings, monitoring will be displayed in a small window in the foreground when you slide Bibino to the background.

#2 Dynamic island for iOS

We try to incorporate the latest technologies into Bibino. We are now adding support for Dynamic island on iOS.

The Dynamic island panel will show you the current monitoring status. Small icons on the left side will let you know if your baby is awake or sleeping. If you hold your finger on the Dynamic island for a longer time, the full notification will open.

#3 Animated previews in Activity log

So far, you've only seen static images of videos in the activity log. Now the videos automatically play in a short animation. If you want to share a particular monitoring recording with your family, you don't have to run through the entire videos one by one to find the right one.

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