Spring update 2023: exciting new features to enhance your parenting experience


As parents, we understand the importance of keeping a watchful eye on our little ones. That's why we are excited to announce the Spring Update 2023. With this update, we bring you a host of exciting new features to enhance your parenting experience and ensure that you never miss a single detail captured with Bibino baby monitoring app. In this article, we will discuss the major updates in detail, so buckle up for an amazing ride!

#1 Photo as monitoring appearance

One of the most exciting features in this update is the ability to choose your own photo for your child's monitoring avatar. This personalization feature allows you to truly make the app your own and helps you create a more meaningful connection with your baby monitoring experience. Adding a personal touch to your child's avatar not only strengthens your bond but also makes monitoring feel more intimate and engaging.

How to add a custom photo

To add a custom photo, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bibino app
  2. Navigate to the Menu -> Settings -> Babies
  3. Choose the baby you want to edit
  4. In the appearance section, select Photo
  5. Upload a photo
  6. Save your changes

#2 Video zoom and seek

We're taking video functionality to the next level with this update. For more control over what you see, you can now zoom and seek videos in the Activity log. No longer do you have to view videos from the beginning to get to the specific second you're looking for. Just scroll down the timeline, and you can show your family or friends what a beautiful smile your baby has conjured up. Have you noticed an object in your baby's crib but don't know what it is? Zoom in on the video footage and make sure it's nothing that will put a wrinkle on your face. These new features make it easier than ever to monitor your baby's activity and keep them safe.

#3 Optimal video display mode

With the introduction of the optimal video display mode, you no longer have to worry about being surprised by poor quality video on the Parent Station during monitoring. This new feature automatically adjusts the video display so that it is always at optimal quality, no matter which way the Baby Station is facing. Now you can enjoy the view of your little one without any distractions.


How to enable optimal video display mode

The optimal video display mode will be set as a default. In case you changed the default setting in the past and now want to set the optimal video display mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bibino App
  2. Navigate to the Menu -> Settings -> General -> Video settings -> Display mode
  3. Choose "Optimal"

Future updates and plans

At Bibino, we're committed to constantly evolving our app to meet the needs of modern parents. With this update, we've taken a significant step forward, but our journey doesn't end here. Stay tuned for future enhancements and additional features, as we continue to innovate and improve our baby monitoring solution.

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