Bibino Now Supports Phones With Integrated Night Vision

March 29, 2021

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Bibino on Doogee phone with Night Vision

Our Bibino team tries to keep up with the constantly (and quickly) evolving technology. For that reason, we've decided to try out the very first phone with an integrated night vision sensor. We have fully adjusted Bibino for phones with integrated night vision, which makes us the very first baby monitoring app supporting such devices.

The phone we've tested, Doogee S96 PRO, has a night-vision camera integrated into it, besides the regular cameras. We've adjusted our Bibino app so we can access that camera and provide you with a night vision video stream so you can see your baby even in the dark.

It may sound like a distant future, but we believe integrated night vision will become the new norm within devices we use soon.

Bibino on Doogee phone

If you have a Doogee S96 PRO device, you can already try Bibino out - just make sure to download the latest update on all your devices. We're keen to hear your feedback, so don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

The best part is that no special adjustments need to be made on your part. During video monitoring, you can switch between regular cameras and the night vision camera.

Not sure how to do it? Simply open and run your monitoring as usual, and turn on the video. In Menu, tap Rotate and select the night vision camera.

I don't have a phone with integrated night vision, can I still see my baby in the dark?

Yes! You can use Bibino's Flashlight feature whenever monitoring your baby at night or in a room with bad visibility. Simply tap on the icon of a flashlight next to the camera icon.

Bibino with Night Light feature

When using the back-facing camera, Bibino will use the flashlight as a source of light (on iOS, you can adjust the intensity of the flashlight). When using the front-facing camera, the display screen will be used as a source of light (you can adjust the brightness on both iOS and Android).

With the Flashlight feature, you'll be able to monitor and see your baby even at night.

Get Bibino now for free and start monitoring your baby. Bibino is a must-have reliable baby monitor for every parent.

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